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The Code Of Bell X-Pod, A Super Intuitive Sling

The Code Of Bell X-Pod, A Super Intuitive Sling

The Code Of Bell X-Pod, is a super intuitive sling bag to use despite the fact that it looks very complex, technical and bulky at times. But everything is very easy to use, all the zippers are in the right place, nothing seems difficult or finicky in it's use - and this really is testament to how considered Code of Bell have gone about designing this bag. 

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Intuitive, lightweight, and versatile, the Code of Bell X-Pod Sling is another great carry solution from an American brand with a solid reputation for high quality gear. Along with its highly technical and tactical aesthetic, the Code of Bell X-Pod Sling combines premium materials with a great sense of organisation, making it the ideal bag for your everyday gear.

Code of Bell is uncompromising when it comes to using dependable, weatherproof material that will keep your gear safe at all times. In this case, the X-Pod uses the brand’s  signature heavy duty ripstop material used with 1680D ballistic nylon, chosen for its high anti-abrasive properties.

To double down on this, hypalon is used on many of the loops, as well as heavy duty nylon webbing and aluminium hardware for the hooks. Code of Bell didn’t take any chances when it comes to providing a fortress for your gear.

Much like Code of Bell’s other carry solutions, a key to the genius design is a series of compression straps which can be used to either tighten or expand the profile to adapt to a variety of situations and gear. Straps can even be crossed in an X shape so you lash a great range of gear onto the shell of the bag, like a bicycle helmet or an umbrella.

There are 3 more Hypalon loops on the base of the bag so you can use the shell to clip on even more gear, expanding upon the rather small profile to provide a carry solution that can be as modest or as comprehensive as the situation needs.

How you carry the bag is similarly versatile. There’s elastic webbing and a plastic clip to assist with a seamless strap management system, giving you as much of a tangle free experience as you want, whether you want to store the strap away all together, or use it to carry the bag with different orientations.

Code of Bell has approached storage with a similar sense of versatility. On the front you have simple YKK zippers making way to the main compartment, which can be opened up completely for easy access, revealing quite a large space against that bright orange interior to maintain visibility at all times, whether it’s during the day or in the night.

The space of the main main chamber is so surprisingly big that you could even fit a lightweight jacket inside. In addition to this empty space, the compartment features various pockets which can be used to store smaller items, along with a YKK spring-loaded key clip that’s easy to use.

Another zippered compartment features even more organisation with a series of mesh pockets and pouches for small bits of gear, like spare batteries, sunglasses, or a smartphone.

Clearly Code of Bell have done incredible work at maximising the space for the X-Pod Sling, offering something that’s far bigger inside than what you’d expect from looking at it.



The Code of Bell X-Pod Sling is ideal for the daily commuter who appreciates having options when it comes to switching up their everyday cargo. With Code of Bell’s signature way of working with compression and expansion, the sling is now one of the most flexible and adaptable we have seen to date, ideal for those who move through different settings and like to be able to have options when it comes to what they have on them at all times. Much like the Code of Bell X-Pak Sling, the X-Pod Sling punches well above its weight.


Buy the Code Of Bell X-Pod Sling from Rushfaster.

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