If you’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to get work done hunched over your laptop, then you should really look into getting a laptop stand. Prolonged periods of work in a poor ergonomic setup can do serious damage to your neck, back and wrists. Left for too long and, you may find you’re in too much pain to work at all. But the whole point of having a laptop is that it’s portable, and if you’ve done any research you’ll have noticed that most laptop stands aren’t. Enter, The Roost Laptop Stand. A portable laptop stand that’s going to save your neck, back and wrists when you’re travelling for work or always on a laptop.

The Roost Laptop Stand started as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, after designer and founder, James Olander, was unable to continue work due to the strain he had put on his body while using his laptop. He began researching a way to relieve the pain he was feeling in the nerves in his back and wrists. What he discovered was that there wasn’t a product on the market that fit his needs, so instead, he decided to design his own. Roost were initially only seeking US$10,000 to purchase the materials for a small test run, but clearly the problem was affecting more people than anticipated and the Roost Laptop Stand raised nearly US$200,000 in the first 30 days.

This first thing Olander wanted to accomplish with the Roost Laptop Stand was to make it highly portable. This meant that the materials used needed to be lightweight, but also strong and rigid enough to survive potential damage when transported around. To accomplish this, the frame is built from glass-fibre reinforced Nylon, while the hinges are made from Delrin, a tough but fairly flexible plastic that is built for heavy use.

They certainly accomplished this goal. When we first popped the Roost Laptop Stand out of its box, we were instantly amazed at how light it was and immediately started to take it in our bags everywhere as it wasn’t a hassle to do so. It’s also deceptively strong, considering its weight. We popped a laptop on the frame, applied some downward pressure, and marvelled as the laptop stand remained firm with little to no give.

The Roost Laptop Stand is compatible with a wide range of laptops with two pivot grips that latch onto the front end of the laptop to secure it in place. The rubber on the grips won’t scratch the finish of your laptop and when engaged prevent the laptop sliding out if the stand is knocked. Considering you’re likely to set this stand up in public, with unknowing passersby around you unable to knock it over, it adds a bit of extra peace of mind. The Roost Laptop Stand can also be raised from 15 to 27 centimetres above the table top so you can dial in the perfect height for your eye level.

Nowadays it’s entirely possible to do all of your work on the go, so the need for a physical office has diminished. The Roost Laptop Stand is ideal for these people whose office is never tied to a fixed location. When combined with a mouse and keyboard the Roost Laptop Stand makes the ultimate portable workstation, that not only raises the height of the laptop to an improved level but fixes it at the ideal height for good ergonomics. It’s one of our favourite products on Rushfaster. As the motto goes, prevention is better than cure so get into good remote working habits now and grab yourself The Roost Laptop Stand.

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