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The Tactica F100, A Sleek Everyday Flashlight

The Tactica F100, A Sleek Everyday Flashlight

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tactica is an exciting company rethinking multi-tools for everyday purposes, with a clear passion for clean, minimalist designs. The Tactica F.100 flashlight is the first of its kind from the growing brand, validating their stylish approach to utility solutions by demonstrating the value of balancing performance with user experience.

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The Tactica F.100 flashlight is clean and minimal with a gorgeously rich tactile experience. For the exterior, Tactica have made impressive use of a CNC machined aluminium with a hard anodised finish. Quality shines off the body, which is complemented by a heavy-duty and abrasion resistant 1/4-inch Type-III 500lb paracord lanyard that can take a lot of weight and is flexible enough for a variety of use cases.

The designers have clearly considered a great range of mounting scenarios. Instead of trying to compete with high-tech outdoor flashlights, which typically come with a lot of bulk, the Tactica F.100 is asserted as the casual, consumer-grade solution for a diverse lifestyle, whether it’s for camping or simply changing the tire.

A strong focus on ergonomics is furthered by small rivets on the 145-millimetre long body to help with the perfectly tactile grip, but there’s no mistaking how sturdy and tough this flashlight can be. The body comes with an IP68 waterproof rating, which means it’s able to shrug off depths of about 2 metres and is also heavily protected against dust ingress. A 1 metre impact resistance is guaranteed, rounding out a solid construction that’ll help the F.100 thrive in any situation.

There’s little wonder why many design awards, including some from Carryology, have been credited to Tactica. The F.100’s sleek, intuitive build is as impressive as its performance. 

Powering the F.100 flashlight is a 2,220mAh 18650 battery working with a Cree XP-L2 V6 LED to give off up to 1,000 lumens with a 45 minute runtime. The variable brightness is easily toggled via the completely flat tailcap switch, where multiple presses switch through the various LED strengths, from the 1,000 lumen turbo, to the 50 lumen ‘low’ - the latter bumping the battery life up to 20+ hours. On the other end, a mineral glass lens covers the light to both allow for a better beam and resist scratches.

Opening up the spring-loaded tailcap with one smooth twist exposes the battery slot as well as a USB-C charging port that can charge the battery to 50% in 30 minutes. Conveniently, the battery also doubles as a powerbank which you can use to charge your phone on the go. 

Aside from the fully removable lanyard, which can connect magnetically to the torch to create a loop for hanging the flashlight, there are some mounts that are included to expand the flashlight’s use in various scenarios. 

A magnetic connection can be easily affixed to the body should any use require you to attach it to metal surfaces. There’s also a specialised bike handlebar attachment should you want better visibility at night. Given the ongoing support Tactica offers, more attachment and mounting options will be available in the future based on customer requests and feedback.

The body comes in three colours - black, silver, and orange - each with the same exceptional, ergonomic design.

Tactica F.100 Flashlight Review | Who Is It For?

The Tactica F.100 Flashlight is for the average consumer who doesn’t necessarily need the bulky specs of a high-tech outdoor flashlight, but instead appreciates having a lighting solution that places just as much emphasis on style. The high load bearing, super durable body is highly considered to offer a seamless user experience for active users moving through everyday situations.

Buy the Tactica F100 Here

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