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The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack, A Monster Gear Hauler

The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack, A Monster Gear Hauler

Exceptionally built for serious cargo, the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack offers a total of 65L space, truly maximising your carry capacity without compromising on comfort or versatility. Featuring all the signature Peak Design nuances, this highly capable and reliable gear-hauler is ideal for those who require expansive storage on the go, in a pack that’s flexible enough to give you options when it comes to how you prefer handling your one-bag travel solution.

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As part of Peak Design’s well-respected travel line, this Travel Duffelpack has been carefully and intelligently designed so the brand’s smaller carry solutions, like packing cubes and camera cubes, can be easily integrated with this larger bag.

It also means that the Travel Duffelpack has been built with the utmost care, its exterior defined by a weatherproof 100% recycled 600D nylon canvas shell in either black with hypalon accents, or sage with nubuck accents.

Along either side of the bag is a large zippered compartment perfect for quick-access items like a phone and wallet. These twin compartments are large and spacious for external storage, easily fitting everyday essentials and ensuring they are accessible at all times.

Across each of these side compartments you’ll also find thick, heavy-duty haul handles that are comfortable and dense, ideal for pulling the bag out of deep areas like a car boot or an aircraft’s overhead bin.

Several other haul handles are also placed around the bag, giving you the flexibility to easily carry the load from any angle. Tucked away discreetly on the exterior is a little velcro ID pocket, purposely designed for storing contact information in case the bag is ever misplaced.

Turning the bag upside down, you’ll find attachment points on the base, designed to work with Peak Design’s dual external carry straps to compress various other items and secure them onto the bag, just in case you aren’t able to fit them into the main cargo. Several other attachment points can be found all over the bag, echoing the amount of thought and detail that has gone into making the Travel Duffelpack a top-performer.

The bag’s seamless aesthetic is helped by a very purposeful design which hides the ergonomic, contoured shoulder, sternum and waist straps which are nicely padded and align with Peak Design’s signature co-axial system. The straps simply hide under magnetic flat panels that help maintain the clean look and avoid any tangle.

An extra long zip path across the top of the bag reveals the deep and generous main compartment, giving you wide access and total visibility to everything inside. Easily packed, this space sits at a native 45L but can be expanded to 65L via two external expansion zips.

Here, you’ll also find discreet loops especially designed to secure Peak Design packing cubes, particularly useful for locking in camera cubes so they aren’t jostling around during travel.

Peak Design has also paid close attention to security woes, including zippers which can be fed through either a hypalon loop or each other to essentially lock them into place should any would-be thieves try to open the main compartment quickly.

Peak Design has used all of their knowhow and experience to design the ultimate in travel carry solutions, simply offering you an incredible amount of space while also maintaining that sleek, minimalist aesthetic the brand is known for.

Deriving the most benefit from this would be frequent travellers who often need to carry big loads with them but don’t necessarily want to be dealing with multiple bags. With the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack, you have an enormous amount of space, logically planned to allow you to carry however best suits your individual style.

Buy the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack from Rushfaster Australia.

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