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The Peak Design Travel Backpack, One-Bag Travel Redefined

The Peak Design Travel Backpack, One-Bag Travel Redefined

As the apex of the Peak Design Travel Range, the gorgeously designed Peak Design Travel Backpack is the redefinition of one-bag travel. Constructed with a gorgeous abrasion-resistant 400D, 100% recycled nylon canvas shell, this premium travel pack aims to be the ultimate travel carry solution, built with unmatched versatility, access, organisation, and aesthetics.

Whether your pack is black with Hypalon accents, or sage with nubuck accents, everything about the aesthetic echoes Peak Design’s undeniable experience and knowhow, aligning with the idea that no two trips are ever the same. As such, you get top, side, front, and rear access via intuitively placed weatherproof zippers, opening up various angles to the generous capacity, which is neutral at 35L but can be easily expanded to 45L or reduced to 30L.

The backpack’s shell is DWR impregnated, while the interior is PU-coated, ensuring supreme water protection to keep cargo dry in all conditions. Extra protection comes from the various weatherproof zippers and water-resistant zipper piles that you’ll find all over the bag, securing cargo both big and small.

Navigating the sides of the Peak Design Travel Backpack you’ll find tall dual gusseted pockets that can be stretched out to store a large variety of gear, perfect for flasks, yoga mats, and jackets. Hidden behind each of these side pockets is an additional zippered pocket, ideally sized for quick access items like wallets or phones.

Edging the back panel is a small and secure ID card pocket purposely designed for quick contact information should you ever misplace the pack. It’s a considered inclusion to the backpack’s outer pockets, reiterating the incredible detail Peak Design has employed to make the Travel Backpack a singular answer to any carry issue at any point throughout your journey.

In keeping with the idea of providing multiple carry forms, Peak Design has included various thick and wide haul handles – one each side, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one at the back. This is perfect for picking up the pack from any angle, while the back haul handle also doubles as the luggage passthrough.

The ingenious and very specific back panel system isn’t just to provide soft and plush cushioning during long hauls. This intuitively designed system also hides the contoured, co-axial shoulder straps to clean up the look and avoid any tangle. The padded shoulder straps actually tuck away behind the magnetic panel, along with an adjustable high-strength sternum strap and a well-padded waist belt which has its own zippered pocket for additional storage.

One of the most unique features of the bag’s design is a magnetically sealed pocket that holds dual external carry straps for when you need to secure even more items but can’t actually fit them into the pack. You can simply use these straps to hook onto any of several attachment points located around the body, compressing to secure things like tripods and sleeping bags, giving you plenty of different options when it comes to your cargo.

Working your way to the pack’s interiors, you’ll first find a small front compartment ideal for quick-access items that require more of a delicate touch like sunglasses and phones, with soft, light padding for extra protection. Behind this is a front compartment with a convenient clamshell opening, featuring four smaller zippered spaces for organisation, including a mesh compartment with its own pockets and some pen slots.

The pack’s lightly padded main cavity is cleverly segmented with another clamshell opening for easy vision and access. It’s here where you’ll find a laptop sleeve big enough for most 15-inch devices, as well as a wall of pockets you can simply roll away for even more volume. The sleeve is also suspended, so any drops are protected against both by the position of the laptop and the pack’s 900D weatherproof base. 

Here, you’ll also find discreet loops specially designed to secure Peak Design packing cubes, particularly useful for locking in camera cubes so they aren’t jostling around during travel. Peak Design has also paid close attention to security woes, including zippers which can be fed through either a Hypalon loop or each other to essentially lock them into place should any would-be thieves try to open the main compartments quickly.

It’s not enough just to say that the Peak Design Travel Backpack is the ultimate answer for one-bag travel. This is a confluence of Peak Design’s signature design language and their experience helping travellers become more organised, efficient, and effective during their journey. In striking an exceptional balance between form and function, Peak Design has created what is one of the very best solutions for those who just want one bag that literally does it all.

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