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The Orbitkey Nest, A Home For Your Everyday Essentials

The Orbitkey Nest, A Home For Your Everyday Essentials

There are few things as disruptive to daily life as general clutter, with a distinct lack of organisation often resulting in less productivity and increased stress both inside and outside of the workplace. Whether you’re in a co-working space, rushing in-between meetings or working remotely, having a carry solution like the Orbitkey Nest to help you declutter, reorganise, and destress is indispensable.

Buy the Orbitkey Nest from Rushfaster Australia or Orbitkey.

Designed as a reliable home for your everyday essentials, the Orbitkey Nest is a portable and highly customisable desk organiser with an inbuilt wireless charger and a sharp sense of style. This comes from the same Australian brand who brought us the incredibly popular Orbitkey Key Organiser, with a similar focus on streamlining the day-to-day so you have more time to work efficiently.

The Orbitkey Nest’s outstanding build quality highlights the use of premium materials for both their protective and aesthetic qualities. On first look, the attractive top tray is made of a natural top grain leather, treated as such that you can really distinguish the texture of the grains so that the Orbitkey Nest feels natural and luxurious to hold.

The bumper that wraps around the edges of the top tray is made of a very strong and lightweight polycarbonate plastic, known to be impact-resistant with a low shrink, good dimensional stability, and reliable heat resistance. The top grain leather slightly dips into a groove to create an actual tray, ingeniously included so you can place some quick essentials onto the lid while you’re stationed at a desk. This helps keep the desk, and your pockets, tidy while also giving you easy access to whatever you choose to place on top.

Another distinctive feature on the lid is the embedded wireless charging pad, compatible with all Qi enabled devices with a max output of 10W and USB-C input, the port for which is located at the back and to the side. A USB-C cable with a neat cable wrap is included with the Orbitkey Nest.

On the base of the Orbitkey Nest is a similar Polycarbonate shell as the bumper, except here it is entirely wrapped in a comfortable Nylon Poly melange fabric. The texture is gentle with excellent grip, again reiterating the focus on carefully chosen material based on both form and function.

Completing the exterior design is a heavy duty, latex core elastic loop with industrial level strength, stretch and longevity. It’s wrapped around a Darcon polyester, chosen for its higher abrasion resistance when compared to standard nylon. Used to secure the Nest, the loop doubles as a convenient way to attach a small pocket notepad, extending the carry load alongside an elastic pen loop to ensure you always have access to something you can use to write down notes.

Simply pulling down on the elastic loop’s leather tab will let you seamlessly open the Nest, exposing the bottom tray’s interior which is padded with a Moulded EVA foam and Loop Fabric. This offers superior protection to any gear placed inside, complemented by several customisable velcro dividers which you can use to fit your specific load out needs, seamlessly modifying the structure of the bottom tray to best suit your carry needs.

The top tray provides plenty of space to store an assortment of cards and other small or loose items in a mesh sleeve, keeping everything in place so you have access at all times.

One of the most intelligent features of the Orbitkey Nest is its dual-function hinge, specially designed so you can choose how you want to access your gear to best suit the situation. With the decision based on a simple movement, you can either lift the lid with ease, or flip it open like a book, in which case the hinge creates a leveraging tension so you can grab gear on the go.

Orbitkey has clearly taken great care to build the Nest up as the ultimate portable desk organiser, with a harmonious design that perfects form and function. Beautifully crafted, this stunning product is for anyone who not only needs a smart hub for their everyday items, but one which is clearly structured so you can instantly tell when something is missing, and gain easy access to your gear at any time. 

Orbitkey’s mantra, that life is better when everything is in it’s right place, rings true for the minimalist who’s always on the go. And that is exactly who the Nest is made for, streamlining the carry experience with simplicity, elegance, and a sharp focus on efficiency.

Buy the Orbitkey Nest from Rushfaster Australia or Orbitkey.

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