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The Lapod Lap Desk, An Inventive Way For A Casual Work Environment

The Lapod Lap Desk, An Inventive Way For A Casual Work Environment

A Melbourne-based start up, Objct Co, have come up with an inventive way to organise your work surface with the LAPOD. This is for a casual and relaxed work environment, positioned as a lapdesk that could store everything necessary so you can get some quick work done outside of the office, and still have everything you need easily accessible - without the need of another desk. 

The LAPOD lap desk is an interesting working solution that’s designed to hold all your laptop accessories and peripherals inside of a cushioned storage pod, while also doubling as a 48 x 32cm work surface on which you can sit 13-inch, 15-inch, and some 17-inch laptops. At 6.5cm in height, the smooth bamboo surface sits on a base of high-quality, rigid PET felt that’s soft yet sturdy and resilient to both rest on your lap and also hold all your peripherals while you’re working.

A clever cutaway slot has been included separating the surface from the storage pod, giving you quick access to any cables or power packs you may want to store in the pod, without having them get in the way of your work session. This maintains the seamless look for this fascinating, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic product.

The raised work surface helps to reduce wrist strain, while thermal protection has been included in the highly considered design to keep both your lap and laptop from heating up.

Even as a separated part, the felt storage component and its curved shape can double as a piece of design-forward living room storage, acting as somewhat of a tray for TV remotes, magazines, and other loose items that could otherwise obtrude in a clean environment.

Whether you’re storing portable drives, cables or sunglasses in the protective bottom capsule, the LAPOD lap desk is a smart and well-designed solution for those who don’t necessarily want to be juggling several things at once when working away from a desk. There will be no more balancing a laptop on one knee while rummaging through a bag to pull out peripherals - the LAPOD lap desk brings the idea of ergonomics and a sense of calm to what is usually seen as a chaotic way to work.

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