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The July Carry On, A Sleek And Minimal Luggage

The July Carry On, A Sleek And Minimal Luggage

Preparing for travel will inevitably have you thinking about completely rehauling the way you pack and prepare for far-flung adventures. For that, you need to think smart when it comes to luggage - you want something stylish and uncompromisingly attractive, while still maintaining a high level of function, protection, and access. 

Not all luggage is made equal in those regards, and very few can nail the balance as deftly and brilliantly as Australian company July. With three models of varying sizes, July Carry On Luggage presents the ideal options for prospective travellers looking for something sleek and minimal to protect their gear while on their next adventure.

July offers three sizes in their Carry On series - Light, Regular, and Pro - each with different features, some similarities, and carefully considered design so travellers can choose the best carry-on suitcase for their needs.


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The Carry On Light is the entry-level to this simple yet highly functional series of cabin luggage options. Sharing construction with the Regular and Pro models, it features a tough Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell which is 100% vegan, as well as SilentMove Series 2 360-degree double-spinner wheels.

Moving this smooth piece of luggage around is simple with a twin-bar 3-stop telescopic handle that can be oriented and maneuvered exactly how you like it. This nimbleness is complemented by the wheels, which have less of a chance of locking and tipping over like your typical single wheels would.

Of course, the main value in going for the Light over the other sizes in the July Carry On range is the weight. This is the most lightweight option you’ll find with such a stylish, minimal aesthetic. At 1.8kg, it’s a surprise July have managed to work up a 38L capacity.

Including the wheels, the Light sits at 55cm in height, 36cm in width, and 20cm in depth. There’s a lot you can pack into the interiors of this suitcase, without it bulking up and being unable to fit snugly into an overhead compartment.

Around the exterior shell you have reliable YKK Japanese zippers with beautifully textured pull tabs that are easy, smooth, and won’t jam while you’re opening and closing the suitcase. The zip enclosure includes an integrated TSA-approved lock to provide further protection from the outside.

Unzip the Carry On Light and you’ll find a simple set-up with two big mesh dividers on either side of the clamshell opening. These mesh compartments are easy and quick to open, giving you plenty of capacity for packing capsules and other neatly folded or compact cargo, all of which is protected by water-resistant and stain-proof nylon lining.


While the Carry On Regular carries over much of the same functional design from its smaller sibling, the middle child in July’s Carry On range packs in several more features alongside a swift uptick in capacity with its 46L volume. 

Including the wheels, the Regular measures in at 53cm in height, 14.5cm in width, and 8cm in depth, offering plenty of room for the various internal compartments and features which July use to take some stress out of the journey. 

Unzip the Carry On Light and you’ll find a simple set-up with two big mesh dividers on either side of the clamshell opening. These mesh compartments are easy and quick to open, giving you plenty of capacity for packing capsules and other neatly folded or compact cargo, all of which is protected by water-resistant and stain-proof nylon lining.

The crush-proof German shell and SilentMove wheels that are uniform across all three sizes is, for the Regular, complemented by well implemented aluminium bumpers to add an extra layer of protection against scratches and scuffs. 


At 3.4kg, this is still a lightweight carry-on, and overall features linear dimensions measuring 43.5-inches in total, making this a certified carry-on according to all American and International standards. 

In addition to the integrated TSA lock and sturdy YKK zippers, July has also included a cleverly designed ejectable battery with standard USB and USB-C docks so you can charge both your smartphone and laptop at the same time.

Inside you will find an additional nylon stain-proof and odour-proof laundry bag in addition to the two large and spacious mesh compartments, which are given further protection with water-resistant and stain-proof nylon lining. July has been generous with the internals of their signature case, which can be neatly tightened with July’s proprietary Y-Strap compression system.

At 55cm in height, 38cm in width, and 22cm in depth, the July Carry On Pro is the brand’s largest carry-on, while still offering something compact enough to be taken into the cabin.

The 46L carry-on solution packs in all of July’s signature features, aligning it with both the Light and Regular, but features several exclusive additions.

The 3.6kg carry-on luggage features the same crush-proof German polycarbonate shell, ejectable battery with USB and FastCharge USB-C, integrated TSA lock, SilentMove wheels, and YKK Japanese zippers that define the shell. However, there are a few features that have been tweaked to offer more space, more protection, and more convenience - to the point where the bag can handle up to 60kg of weight.

Exclusive to the Pro version is a detachable SnapSleeve with a padded 16-inch laptop compartment, as well as space for documents and other personal items.

A zippered outside pocket has also been included for smaller quick-access items that you’d need on the go, substantially improving the carry-ons versatility and considering the entire journey. Don’t want to place your laptop in the boot of a car once you arrive at the airport? Simply snap the laptop sleeve off of the carry-on and keep it on you.

Unlike the Light and Regular, the Carry On Pro uses four German-designed fidlocks to introduce magnetism to the case, giving stronger holding to your more important items and locking them in with a subtle snap-on and snap-off that takes mere seconds to interact with.


With an appropriately premium look, furthered by subtle leather accents and an impeccable build quality, the July Carry On Pro is the ultimate in cabin baggage without substantially upping the weight.

July Carry On Luggage | Who Is It For?

At various price points and sizes, July manages a three-item Carry On range that perfectly speaks to the needs of the modern traveller and delivers distinctive, meaningful options. If you appreciate great design, and even better function, to help make your journey move smoother and more efficiently, consider the July Carry On Luggage to be the ultimate choice, assisted by exceptional build quality and features that actually make a difference to how you will move through your next adventure - confident, relaxed, and boundless. 

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