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The Joco Flask, Beautiful & Future Forward

The Joco Flask, Beautiful & Future Forward

One million plastic bottles are produced every single minute, and the alarming, severe overuse of this profoundly harmful material has become one of the world’s trickiest problems to solve. The proliferation of reusable, intelligently designed bottles like the Joco Flask are certainly helping to address this issue, creating action that matters and making it more convenient, and fashionable, to help save our planet.

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Coming from an Australian brand which was formed as a protest to the mounting threat of daily waste, the Joco Flask is an eco-innovative hydration solution that is every bit as inventive as it looks, designed to shift a disposable culture into a more progressive and future-forward state of mind.

Weighing in at 20oz with a capacity of 600ml, a diameter of 76mm, and a height of 202mm, the Joco Flask is artisan blown – meaning it’s handmade by artists, not machines. Simply meant for drinking out of, it’s defined by a gorgeous non-porous borosilicate glass body, curving upwards at the top towards a hand-crafted, naturally antibacterial and odour resistant Italian olive wood twist-lock lid. The lid is tight, reliable and features Joco’s patented seal.

Joco has been purposeful with the dimensions here, making the bottle’s mouth a wide 45mm so you can add anything to the liquid inside, such as ice cubes, while also ensuring a steady flow. Holding it is comfortable with a specially formulated non-slip velvet grip that looks super sleek and minimal.

Functionally, the bottle’s borosilicate glass body is able to resist extreme changes in temperature, meaning that it can go straight from a freezer to an oven rack, for example, without cracking. As such, pouring boiling hot water into the bottle is of no issue.

Importantly, the Joco Flask is 100% plastic free, with each design element clearly considered to present the ultimate drinking bottle. The silicone used in all Joco products is even produced at their own factory, and used because it is both non-porous and completely free of all harmful chemicals, including BPF and BPS which are commonly found in BPA-free “safe” plastics.

The Joco Flask is not only essential for those who want to further reduce their own personal footprint on the environment, but also anyone looking for an exceptionally reliable and well-built portable hydration solution. The commitment to using only ethical premium materials, thoughtfully chosen for both function and form, highlights viable alternatives to plastic as well as ensures that the Joco Flask is a long-lasting, sturdy and comfortable bottle built for all kinds of beverages.

Buy the Joco Flask from Rushfaster.

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