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The Herschel Settlement Backpack Review

The Herschel Settlement Backpack Review

The Settlement Backpack is a simple and stylish everyday bag that is straight up no-fuss. It’s great for anyone who is looking for a versatile pack and isn’t concerned with bells and whistles. Read on for our full Herschel Settlement backpack review as we unpack all the features of this popular bag.

The Settlement is an uncomplicated 15″ laptop bag with one big main compartment and a small zippered pocket on the front. It’s made from a thick nylon fabric that is really strong and sturdy. This material won’t tear easily and also allows the backpack to stand upright comfortably, even though there’s no extra support at the base.

There’s not much organisation with this bag and features are kept to a minimum. It does have a laptop sleeve and media compartment in the main section but that’s it. The only zippered section is the front pocket which comes with a small clip for your keys.

The chunky zippers add a nice design detail to this bag. Some of the Settlement Backpacks come with big metal zips that really stand out against the fabric. Take note that some styles only come with 1 zipper pull. This means that you have to zip all the way around the bag instead of being able to meet in the middle. This is just something to be careful of when choosing your bag if you’d prefer to have a double-zippered opening. The Herschel Settlement Backpack is available in a huge range of different colours and prints. So whether you like things plain or are a big fan of brights, Herschel has got you covered.

So now we get to the nitty-gritty part of our Herschel Settlement backpack review. Exactly how functional is this bag? We used a Settlement as an everyday bag for a few days to see what could fit inside. It proved to be a handy carry solution for work but we found that it’s really best for casual outings. For example, taking it to the gym, the beach or on a weekend picnic.

The Herschel Settlement easily carried all of our work essentials for the day. We often take a fair few items to work so it was crucial that everything fit nicely inside. The backpack comfortably housed a 13″ MacBook Pro, a DSLR camera bag, an external hard drive, a water bottle and a small notebook. There was still plenty of space left over to pop a lightweight jumper in there as well.Our 13″ device was totally fine inside the 15″ sleeve and didn’t move around much in the bigger compartment. An important thing to note, though, is that the laptop sleeve isn’t padded. So we’d advise popping your laptop in a separate case for some extra protection. The Settlement would also be really useful as a uni bag. Even with a laptop, there’s still plenty of room for some textbooks, exercises books and a pencil case.

While we were conducting our Herschel Settlement backpack review, we discovered that it is really great to use as a gym bag. We took it to the gym followed by the pool and were able to comfortably fit some runners, a large towel, water bottle, a small toiletry bag and a set of exercise clothes. There was still space for a 15″ laptop inside as well so you could easily take it from work or uni and head straight to your workout.

We decided to venture outside for a nice chilled picnic with our Herschel Settlement Backpack over the weekend and were surprised at how much we could fit inside. The cavernous main compartment makes it really simple to stack and pile things in the bag. An important requirement for our Herschel Settlement backpack review was passing the beer test. We’re happy to say that this bag exceeded our expectations in terms of how much beer it could hold! Even after we packed a 6-pack of beer and a 10-pack of cider, we were still able to fit a bunch of nibblies for the afternoon.

Herschel is all about making everyday classics and the Settlement Backpack is definitely one of their most simple styles. For anyone who’s looking for an unfussy bag for work, uni or play, this would be a perfect option for your next everyday bag. We’ve got a huge range of colours currently available and a slightly smaller 13″ laptop option too.

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