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The Coolest Bellroy Bags - Bellroy Cooler Tote and Cooler Caddy

The Coolest Bellroy Bags - Bellroy Cooler Tote and Cooler Caddy

Bellroy has a new line of cooler bags! It’s an interesting release from the Australian B Corp, but the more we think about it, the more it makes sense. Bellroy announced the release of their Cooler Tote and Cooler Caddy. At their core, these are bags designed to keep things cold. They’re portable eskies. Americans know them as a cooler box, while New Zealanders refer to them as chilly bins.

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You can use it for a variety of things - shopping, markets, campaign, festivals, taking food to a BBQ, keeping your drinks and snacks cold on a beach trip, transferring organs, and taking your lunch to work. They are very useful bags that solve a problem - how do I transport something that needs to remain cold?

For a company with a solid line up of sophisticated EDC bags, work bags, travel bags and wallets, to see them release something as unsexy cooler was initially a surprise. Bellroy is a certified B Corp, which means they are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. They produce recycled products using plastic bottles, as well as leather free products. In short, they care about the environment. And these cooler bags, as well as being recycled, can also replace disposable plastic bags and packaging - especially if they’re used as shopping bags. Bellroy is doing double good.

Bellroy Cooler Tote 16L

The Bellroy Cooler Tote 16L comes in True Blue, Copper, and Charcoal. All options are leather free. This bad boy is 16 liters. The handle or shoulder strap is about an inch wide piece of webbing. It’s quite soft, there’s no rigidity to it. It feels nice in the hand. There’s vertical stitching the length of the strap which creates a ribbed look. Bellroy nailed the length on these straps. They’re big enough to sling over your shoulder, but short enough to hold in your hand by your side without being dragged across the floor. The zipper pull is an accented clay, sort of reddish brown colour. The zipper pull is this colour on all versions of the tote. The pull itself has heat shrink piece of plastic around the end making it easy to grab. The number 8 YKK zippers are reverse coil and coated for water resistance. They have a nice smooth action. There’s an orange rubber Bellroy logo on the front. It’s understated, but it provides a nice pop of contrast. The exterior is made of 100% recycled fabric and it feels good. It crinkles and squishes in all the right ways. On the bottom of the bag there is reinforced padding, which Bellroy says is to protect bottles from drops and shocks, and prevent thermal bridging from hot surfaces.

Bellroy claims that the inside of the bag is waterproof. They’ve sealed the seams so it should stop anything leaking into the insulation or to outside the bag. The Head of Production at Bellroy has apparently said that you could use it to transport a goldfish. The tote has a puffiness to it, that’s because of the insulation, which is 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation made with recycled materials. This is what’s keeping everything cool and it has the effect of making this bag very soft.

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Bellroy Cooler Caddy 6L

Bellroy Cooler Caddy 6L is more of a lunch bag or cooler pouch. It’s 6 litres and also comes in True Blue, Copper and Charcoal. Unsurprisingly, it shares many of the same features as the Tote, but the Caddy has an interesting handle and a few tricks of its own. You will see two pieces of fabric meet in the middle and a stitching that holds the insulation in place is used. This results in cleaner sides, but a busier front and back. There’s the same zipper pull, the same 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, same seam-sealed waterproof internal bladder, and the same ability to pack down. The hero of the Cooler Caddy is the strap. It’s the same webbing found on the Tote’s strap, but it can be detached. This means it can work as a handle, you can hang it off something, or it can be attached to something, like a bigger bag. 

The other cool trick to be found is that the aluminium hook has a built in bottle opener. The bag can hold a pack of beer. If it can fit a 6 pack, it should be able to fit your lunch. Even if your lunch is a whole chicken.

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The Bellroy Cooler Tote and Cooler Caddy are unexpected and welcome surprise from Bellroy. If you’re an outdoors person or a frequent market shopper, you’ll really like them. 

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