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The Code Of Bell Annex Liner, Small Package, Big Functionality

The Code Of Bell Annex Liner, Small Package, Big Functionality

Despite its diminutive size, the Code of Bell Annex Liner is a powerful sling bag that manages to pack in big features and functionality, alongside a handsome design that’s built from premium materials that’ll stand the test of time. Much like Code of Bell’s other products, the Annex Linner places great emphasis on versatility, offering a flexible carry solution that’s as much a statement from the brand as their other impressive products like the Code of Bell X-Pak Sling and Code of Bell X-Pod Sling.

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The design is hinged on the idea of expandability and transformation, making the Annex Liner one of the most diverse sling bags you’re likely to ever come across. Perfect for daily essentials, the bag is an extension of Code of Bell’s idea of creating modern lifestyle gears designed specifically for modern needs and tastes.

For the shell, Code of Bell has used their signature heavy duty ripstop material used with 1680D ballistic nylon, chosen for its high anti-abrasive properties. To double down on this, hypalon is used on many of the loops, as well as heavy duty nylon webbing and aluminium hardware for the hooks. Code of Bell didn’t take any chances when it comes to providing a fortress for your gear.

Much like other Code of Bell bags, the Annex Liner relies on a series of compression clips which can be used to change the bag in meaningful ways, either providing more space when needed, or tightening up the profile for a lighter carry.

The various compartments provide plenty of space to customise your cargo. A front zippered compartment is impressively large for a bag of this size, with a bright fluro orange interior that maintains great visibility and line of sight so you can see all your carry no matter if it’s day or night. The main space is large enough for medium sized items, while smaller items such as a pair of earbuds can go in the little pocket which has a flap on top to secure carry. Here is also where you will find the YKK-made spring-loaded key clip, incredibly simple to use and a great way to keep your keys on you at all times.

Using the Woojin buckles, this front compartment can be expanded to morph the bag into a more triangular shape, widening the chamber enough so you could even fit in a rolled up jacket or a small umbrella.

Like Code of Bell’s other bags, the back panel of the bag features a small, almost hidden compartment with a magnetic seal. This is ideal for flatter items that won’t poke into your back, such as a reading book or travel folio for easy access to your essential documents.

Central to the Annex Liner’s success is a shoulder strap system that maintains a similar sense of versatility, attached by triangular D-rings that change the bag so it can either be worn cross-body style or over the shoulder. Although there is a great sense of strap management here, you could even detach the shoulder straps completely and store them in the back compartment for a more seamless look.

The main compartment can be accessed from the top of the bag, again lined with a bright orange material with two slip pockets, one pen loop, and a space big enough to fit small essentials like a tablet or a Nintendo Switch. On the bottom of the bag is a button clasp that can simply be undone to open up the main compartment even further, giving it more space so you could fit in something like a hat or beanie.

With various accessory loops and daisy chain webbing on the shell, it’s clear that Code of Bell challenged themselves by seeing how much storage potential they could offer on such a bag that only weighs 390g and offers a maximum of 9.7L volume when fully expanded.

The Code of Bell Annex Liner is for the urban adventurer who doesn’t necessarily have a need for a larger bag, but would rather move through daily life with something small yet exceptionally versatile and adaptable. The Annex Liner is an unobtrusive carry solution that won’t get in the way of your daily commute, yet packs much more punch than its size would suggest. With the Annex Liner, you can be sure every individual item you’re carrying is easily accessible at all times, thanks for Code of Bell’s characteristically smart and beautifully considered layout.

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