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The Blunt Umbrella Range, The World's Best Umbrellas

The Blunt Umbrella Range, The World's Best Umbrellas

Instantly recognisable from it’s signature curved edges, the Blunt Umbrella is rightfully considered a revolution for its industry. Function-forward design has refined the traditional umbrella – historically associated with throwaway culture – and reimagined this portable shelter as a lifestyle essential to be proud of.

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When Blunt observed the common umbrella, they identified several key issues that could be addressed with a higher quality build and intelligent design. These included the safety concern of a traditional umbrella’s spiky prongs, as well as the general use of poor-quality materials and a flimsy, outdated design that contributed to frequent disposal. Redesigning and rethinking these mechanisms has led to various Blunt Umbrellas in an acclaimed range, including those of varying sizes like the Metro and the Classic.

The centrepiece of a Blunt umbrella, and the reason why the range is so successful, is a completely redesigned Radial Tensioning System, or RTS for short. While all umbrellas feature an RTS of some sort, consisting of a canopy to stop it flapping and tearing, Blunt take it a step further.

The design of any Blunt Umbrella focuses on strengthening the structure of the entire canopy during every step of the super intuitive deployment process. Double struts have been designed to transfer the user’s effort into specially designed floating ribs as the umbrella opens up, transferring tension outwards to the canopy edge, which is then evenly distributed as signature Blunt tips open like their own miniature umbrellas into small pockets.

This ensures tension is delivered to where it’s needed the most, helping balance the structure in a completely different way to a traditional umbrella. The system allows for superior handling in extreme wind and storm conditions.

Most umbrellas in the Blunt collection are designed with a rubberised handle for an easy grip, in addition to a well-stitched velcro strap to help secure the umbrella in all conditions.

Every Blunt Umbrella comes in a high-quality cardboard tube packaging, although some – like The Metro – also include a small sleeve for those who want to carry their umbrella in a bag without getting water everywhere.

A smart alternative to the traditional umbrella, which is plagued by a number of frustrating issues, the Blunt Umbrella offers superior protection and ease of use while opening up an established industry to a new way of thinking. The completely refined, elegant way of deploying and retracting any umbrella from this collection to perfectly balance tension ensures that no matter the conditions, you will no longer have to worry about safety, integrity or portability.

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