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The Bellroy Travel Folio, Our Best-Selling Travel Wallet

The Bellroy Travel Folio, Our Best-Selling Travel Wallet

It was only a matter of time before Bellroy collated their design know-how from slim wallets and pouches and channelled it into the Bellroy Travel Folio. A beautifully slim, all-in-one zip wallet for storing paper essentials during travel, this is impeccable work from a brand world-renowned for presenting exceptional gear to help people travel smarter and in a more organised way. This is a one-stop hub for all your documents, cash and cards throughout your journey.

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Much like all of Bellroy’s leathers, here the wallet benefits from an environmentally friendly certified leather sourced from the gold-rated tanneries that sit under the Leather Working Group. High quality is a given, as the Bellroy Travel Folio is worked with highly considered sustainable features that age gracefully and ensure longevity.

The grains on this soft-working leather allow the Folio to develop a nice patina over time, so you can be sure that the material only improves with use. And it will look great at all times, with an exterior that’s slick and minimal save for a very subdued brand logo embossed on the face.

The lining on the interior is polyester, and the zip on the Folio is a smooth, protective OOK zipper that seamlessly slides to reveal a beautifully organised layout. First, there’s the passport compartment on the left, right next to a specialised ticket holder. One of the four card slots sits to the right, while cash and other loose documents can be tucked away at the back to save you from flicking and fumbling through papers.

Simplicity is key here, but access is the main consideration. Three card slots are positioned at the front for quick access as soon as you open the Folio, for example, while everything comes out vertically to give you access to everything on the go. 

A micro pen for filling in forms mid-flight takes care of a commonly overlooked annoyance, while another neat inclusion is the special sim card slot, designed for those travellers who use a second sim on their adventure.

If you’re travelling with a partner, you can share the Bellroy Travel Folio with ease. You simply just need to reorganise your layout in a way that makes sense, and the Folio certainly has the capacity for that. Just simply place one Passport behind the other, share your cards, and store all your important documents in one place.

The Bellroy Travel Folio is a must for anyone who appreciates a smooth journey during their travels. Frequent flyers will love the ability to clearly centralise all their necessary documents and have easy and quick access to them at all times, which allows for more focus on the actual journey and a sense of clarity at all times.

Buy the Bellroy Travel Folio from Rushfaster.

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