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The Bellroy Tokyo Totepack, Strength In Simplicity

The Bellroy Tokyo Totepack, Strength In Simplicity

Bellroy don’t make typical backpacks, given the brand is highly regarded for premium products that represent the perfect balance between function and style. The Bellroy Tokyo Totepack is certainly no exception to this well-established rule, featuring a bold, almost wild design that is smart enough to double as both a standard backpack and a simple day tote.

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How does Bellroy achieve this precise balance? The Bellroy Tokyo Totepack is a masterclass in 2-in-1 design, properly capturing a casual-professional vibe that’s both elegant enough for meetings, and versatile enough for everyday use.

Ready to make a statement, the Bellroy Tokyo Totepack sets a new standard of flexible carry solutions that easily operate in more spaces than one. The pack is a chameleon of sorts, offering a versatile use that’s achieved through a number of remarkable design choices.

If the Bellroy Tokyo Totepack reminds you of the Bellroy Duo Totepack, then that’s be design. The Tokyo Totepack is a pared back version of that pioneering product, available in multiple colours with slightly differing materials.

Around the sides of the bag you’ll find Bellroy’s signature venture-weave polyester, which helps with the trademark look alongside environmentally certified leather accents to help give that premium feel.

On the water-resistant woven fabric shell (nylon on desert ochre), the soft look is complemented by a decidedly decluttered look, furthered by a special pocket towards on the back of the bag that can either fit a large item like a workbook, or be used as storage for the detachable padded shoulder straps.

Those shoulder straps are key to the bag's 2-in-1 function. On the padded back panel, the shoulder straps are exceptionally comfortable and look great with leather accents and matte metal hardware. But for times when you need to easily convert the bag into a tote, the shoulder straps can be detached and unclipped, tucked away flat in the aforementioned pocket which then can be secured with a button. The result is a nice and clean carry tote.

Also on the outside are soft nylon webbing grab handles for extra comfort and easy carry whenever one is in a rush, whether it be running between meetings or jogging for the train. These handles are best used in tote mode, although look just as seamless and efficient when you need a bag.

Bellroy’s love of YKK zips is no exception here, ensuring that the main compartment is easily accessible at all times. On the front panel you have two sectioned pockets for smaller items accessible from one side, one being the spacious main compartment which opens wide enough for full visibility of all items. There’s also a little pocket made from a padded neoprene like fabric where smaller items like sunglasses of phones can be stored.

Additionally the other side of the bag also features a large pocket, although this is where you’ll find Bellroy’s signature key clip so you can store your keys and know where they are at all times.

Two chunky YKK zips grant access to the main compartment from the very top of the bag, organised in a very efficient manner with the main pocket spacious enough for large items, while two Bellroy pop pockets are on each side so you can store things such as water bottles when needed. When the pop pockets aren’t needed, they can simply be popped back into the fabric to create a nice and seamless chasm inside the bag. Here you also have a stretchy mesh pocket for smaller items.

It’s clear that Bellroy have refined a 2-in-1 that they originally pioneered with the Bellroy Duo Totepack, rethinking certain designed elements to offer the same premium experience at a lower price point. The bag-totepack hybrid is perfect for anyone who appreciates beautiful design with Bellroy’s signature beats applied to a product that can simply do it all when it comes to reliable everyday carry.

Buy the Bellroy Tokyo Totepack from Rushfaster.

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