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The Bellroy Tech Folio, Sleek Tech Carry From Desk To Desk

The Bellroy Tech Folio, Sleek Tech Carry From Desk To Desk

The Bellroy Tech Folio is Bellroy's newest addition to their Folios. If you're familiar with their Work Folio or their Travel Folio, you'll know the quality that Bellroy puts in their folios. The Tech Folio is designed to house, organise and protect all your work tech gear in one sleek leather compendium.

It is undoubtedly a beautiful product, it's an elegant, sleek and slim solution to carrying your laptop and other tech related essentials for your work day. Much like it's twin brother the Work Folio, it's a premium leather compendium that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

With the Bellroy Tech Folio, the ever-reliable Bellroy has substantially bolstered their already rich and varied range of folios like the Work Folio and Travel Folio. As the new addition to the team, the Tech Folio has been purpose built to house, organise and protect all your work gear in one sleek leather compendium.

Lavishly designed in either black or caramel premium leather, the Bellroy Tech Folio embodies the idea of vintage aesthetics and a head-turning mature look that will undoubtedly impress in office meetings. With scratch-free linings, the protective product keeps whatever you place inside nice and clean at all times, without squashing everything together.

Adding to the dapper look, Bellroy has used extra smooth, galvanic-plated metal zippers that are both subtle and highly functional, helping with the ease of opening the folio to reveal the contents.

And those contents will be kept in place at all times while you’re moving through airports or between work spaces, with dedicated pockets that could fit a variety of necessities like a tablet, cables, phone, stylus pen, business cards, and a laptop up to 13-inches.

Measuring in at 3.4 x 26.3 x 33.4 cm with a weight of 600g, the Bellroy Tech Folio is a slick and beautifully considered product for the office worker who values the perfect balance of style and function.

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