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The Bellroy Shift Backpack, A Truly Great Bag

The Bellroy Shift Backpack, A Truly Great Bag

Stylish in all situations, the beautifully crafted Bellroy Shift Backpack makes great use of a minimalist aesthetic, primarily centered around its tough, lightweight fabric defined by numerous textural weaves. This offers a natural tonal variation in the threads to help disguise any scuffs the bag may sustain, maintaining a very clean look while giving the bag a unique texture. Gorgeous environmentally certified leather has been used for subtle details, while the various access points are guarded by reliable waterproof YKK AquaGuard technology.

A flap top design for the backpack was chosen so Bellroy could include a storm flap, making the Shift extremely functional and protective in heavy rain conditions. This keeps the integrity of all the bag’s contents during wet commutes, with a laminated panel on the center flap to add heavy water resistance. The panel also makes it easier to open and close the backpack, which works well at any of the various heights and capacity which the adjustable design allows for. This changes the bag’s volume based on your specific needs, seamlessly transforming the Shift as a function of your environment and the requirements that come with it, whether it’s a quick grocery run, or needing the neatly stuff your jacket inside.

The varying sizes and fold points are largely credited to intelligent design choices, stiffening the front lower opening and creating a pivot point for the flap and wide wings to close over and ‘seal’ the opening. This avoids the finickiness of a traditional roll top bag, where you’d usually have to roll up or fold and then pull up to close the bag with clips. The result is a smarter, more intuitive and easier way to ensure water protection for all content, behind every single seam.

Bellroy’s own securing system was finessed to make sure there is constant tension to keep the flap in tact during transit. The use of a 3d bar – an alternative to the typical flat G-hook – helps with this function, easily sliding through for easy yet secure closure. This means you have a simple and intuitive way to close the bag, requiring only a natural arm-based gesture as opposed to complex finger and wrist maneuvering, which may be overly intrusive if you’re on the go.

The various access points are as considered as each of the bag’s sleek contours. On the side, there is a quick access compartment for smaller items, complemented by an easy-to-use key clip for securing any keys to the bag. Flip the bag onto the other side and you’ll see another zipper which functions as a side door to the main cargo area, allowing anyone to easily reach into the main compartment to stash or grab larger items quickly.

On the back of the backpack you’ll find a super plush foam back panel that maintains a similar feel to memory foam, offering lower lumbar support that shapes to the curves on your back. It’s another part of the highly considered design which aims for full flexibility and comfort, making the backpack truly feel like it was made for just you. The contoured and streamlined shoulder straps share a similar foam, as well as a little padding on the top, as well as strap stays which assist in avoiding any tangling or flapping on the go.

Furthering the highly detailed adjustment features, you’re also able to pick exactly where you want the sternum strap to be located. Attached with magnets, you are able to move the strap around to the adjustment points so you can centre it based on your needs. Completing the exterior, you have a soft nylon and leather haul handle on the top for fast and easy pick up.

The interior of the Bellroy Shift Backpack is similarly intelligent, with various pocketing inspired by the idea of a reverse tool belt. It’s a unique design taking cues from the classic tradesman’s belt, where they have all their tools accessible and in direct line of sight at all times. Hence, Bellroy have created a ring of organisation around the top of the compartment so that anything you put in is visible and easily accessible at all times. This is super helpful especially when you’re packing big and heavier things at the bottom of the bag.

Most laptops up to 15 inches can be easily stored in a protective laptop compartment, which is distinguished from the other sections of the bag by a nice wooly felt-like padding which keeps the device protected. The compartment is also slightly suspended from the bottom of the bag to ensure no from any accidental drops or falls can have an impact.

As you’ve read above, the amount of thoughtful design and consideration that has gone into the Bellroy Shift Backpack is immense and impressive. Anyone who is looking for the ultimate protection for their gear, both outdoors and in the office, should not look past this exceptional pack. It’s stylish, reliable and represents the perfect blend of minimalism and utility that will have you completely satisfied.

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