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The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet, Slim, Clever & Simple

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet, Slim, Clever & Simple

Echoing Bellroy’s focus on a clean, uncluttered lifestyle, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet has been designed to help you not only reduce your bulk, but prioritise your day-to-day. In encouraging you to be more judicious with your cards and cash, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is a slim, understated take on the classic leather wallet, with added RFID technology and a number of clever features.

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Sticking true to Bellroy’s signatures, this bifold wallet is crafted from environmentally certified leather from premium hides that have been tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols. The specific dying process ensures a richer texture and allows for a nice patina that ages gracefully alongside its user. No matter what colour you prefer, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet signals a strong character.

Three internal card slots are designed for quick and seamless access to the most crucial cards in your life. The slot on the left is intended for your first priority card - whether that be transit or credit - while there are two slots on the right for second priority cards. The way the wallet gently reminds you to be frugal with your priority cards is an important aspect of a minimalist lifestyle, not allowing you to overstuff the wallet.

Behind the quick-access, high-traffic cards is a pocket on the left hand side with a cleverly designed pull tab so you don’t have to dig around for whatever is inside. This is perfect for those mid-tier cards which are necessary but aren’t going to be used everyday, like a driver’s license. It may not seem it, but this wallet has enough capacity for 11 cards, without feeling overburdened.

Cash can be fitted in the wallet’s bifold area, which is taller and deeper than that of your standard wallet. Why? So all types of currencies can be fitted neatly and comfortably without you having to fold or scrunch notes. This is perfect for the modern day traveller, who deals with many different currencies but usually has a wallet that considers only one. That is no longer an issue with the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet.

A small coin pouch has been included for a reasonable amount of loose change, adjacent to another smaller card slot that’s most ideal for non-essentials like loyalty coffee cards and business cards. This section of the wallet has a flap to stop coins from falling out, cleverly designed to offer extra security. And in the interest of security, RFID technology has been used to fully protect against any skimming. Although a version without RFID is also available.


Bellroy has managed to craft a daily companion that’s as feature-rich as it is just a simple, elegant and classic wallet. With premium, ethically sourced leather, and an intelligent use of space, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is for the minimalist who wants to avoid bulk while also keeping their priorities nice and close for easy access. The seamless design and complete dedication to simplicity reiterates the best aspects of a Bellroy carry solution, offering the ultimate statement of both style and discernment.

Buy The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet from Rushfaster.

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