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The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Review

The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Review

Bellroy is an Australian brand that was founded by a group of design school friends on a quest to improve the way people carry. They released their first slim wallet design in 2010 and now have a massive range of high-quality leather goods that are classic and timeless. This is one of our favourite wallets at Rushfaster so we’ve decided to do an in-depth Bellroy Hide and Seek Review. The Hide and Seek is minimal and stylish, while still being highly functional. Looking for a practical everyday carry solution for all your cash and cards? This wallet might just be what you’re after.

There is now an updated version of the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet. Buy it from Rushfaster.

This wallet is a classic bifold style that’s slim and compact. It is constructed from premium vegetable tanned leather that will age beautifully over time. Unlike some new leather wallets which can be a bit stiff and hard to break in, the Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet is soft from the get go. Each colourway features some nice contrast stitching detail on the front and back of the wallet. The Java colour also has a contrast leather interior which is an eye-catching aesthetic touch.

The stitching on the front draws your eye to the Bellroy logo. This small, metal owl sits proudly in the right-hand corner and adds a textural contrast to the soft leather. Something to be aware with the logo, though, is that it protrudes a little bit. We tested this out specifically for our Bellroy Hide and Seek review and found that sitting on the wallet causes the owl to poke into your skin a tiny bit. It isn’t much of a problem if you’re wearing jeans or thick pants but might be more noticeable with thinner clothing. We recommend not sitting on your wallet at all, however, to help prolong its life and keep it looking neat and tidy.

Has anyone ever told you that it’s more about what’s on the inside that counts? We discovered that this was super applicable to this wallet while we were doing our Bellroy Hide and Seek review. Subtle internal elements such as the topstitching detail underneath all the card slots and the printed fabric lining are visually interesting.

Each Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet comes in a thick cardboard pouch that keeps the product safely protected. We really like that Bellroy hasn’t used any plastic in their packaging. The recyclable cardboard pouch is great because it eliminates the need to wrap up the wallet if you’re giving it to someone as a gift. Simply tear off the perforated barcode and you’re good to go.

Bellroy has designed the Hide and Seek Wallet to save space and remove bulk from pockets. The intention is to fit as much as possible inside while still remaining slim. Despite its compact shape, this wallet can hold many things inside. It has 5 visible card slots and 1 hidden card section in the cash compartment. Each of these slots can comfortably fit 2 cards but this does make the wallet quite chunky. To reduce bulk it’s best to just allocate one card to each slot, which also makes locating them a lot easier too.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet gets its name from the secondary concealed pouch at the back. This section is hidden by a thin leather flap that makes it easy to hide notes away from view. This section is where the secret card slot lives as well. The secondary compartment is a bit fiddly to use but it’s a small price to pay for being able to separate things really easily. It comes in handy if you’re travelling and need to carry multiple currencies at one time. Or when you’ve got a lot of cash and want to be as discreet as possible.

We fell in love with this wallet even more after doing our in-depth Bellroy Hide and Seek review. For a compact everyday carry option that can stylishly house all of your essentials, you really can’t go past the Hide and Seek. It looks great, is super functional and is made from high-quality leather that will stand the test of time.

There is now an updated version of the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet. Buy it from Rushfaster.

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