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The Bellroy Dopp Kit, Streamlined Toiletry Carry

The Bellroy Dopp Kit, Streamlined Toiletry Carry

Bellroy's take on the travel toiletry bag. A well built, thoughtfully designed, slim and sleek toiletry bag that helps you organise and streamline your toiletry carry. It's not too big, but big enough to comfortably fit the essentials nicely.



The Bellroy Dopp Kit is Bellroy’s charismatic take on the classic travel toiletry bag, beautifully built to offer a stylish solution for any adventurer needing to store their smaller essentials. With a great sense of organisation and variety, the Bellroy Dopp Kit has been clearly designed with modern needs in mind, providing enough space for essentials like skincare products, toothbrushes, and shaving items.

Groomed for everyday travel, the medium sized 140g Bellroy Dopp Kit places emphasis on tidiness at all times. Compact enough to easily slide into a bigger bag, the water-resistant kit is made from a woven polyester and can be easily cleaned should any unwanted splashes appear on the shell. There are multiple colourways on offer, each coming with their own fabric, but all maintaining that same sense of quality and longevity.

Bellroy has included mesh pockets inside to help you organise items and maintain an easy level of access to each item that can be easily retrieved without having to dig around.

Visibility is key here, as is the water resistant inner-lining which makes the interior super easy to keep clean despite the tendency for toiletry bags to be a bit of a mess.

The interior is organised across various pockets, from a toothbrush sleeve with a simple, protective magnetic closure, with two stretchy mesh pockets for smaller products like toothpaste, nail clippers, and hand creams. The middle area is spacious enough for larger items like shampoos and other gels.

With nylon grab loops on either side of the bag, the Bellroy Doop Kit is an easy, flexible way to store all your toiletries without having to worry about clutter or excessive spillate. Taking their inventive ways of streamlining your carry and allowing you to live a more manageable lifestyle, Bellroy has turned in a fantastic, impressive toiletry kit.



The Bellroy Doop Kit is so well designed that it could really be for anyone, even if they aren’t hitting the road for days on end. Bellroy have taken the idea of traditional toiletry bags and added their love of premium materials and design knowhow, presenting the ideal kit for those who like to carry their essential products everywhere. And that’s whether they are travelling afar, or want to keep those essentials close on their daily commute.


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