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The Bellroy Classic Brief, Designed For The Modern Professional

The Bellroy Classic Brief, Designed For The Modern Professional

Perfectly designed for the modern professional, the Bellroy Classic Brief is a simple and elegant carry solution that’s a little less formal than the typical work bag. A casual, energetic aesthetic has been worked up by premium materials, focusing on easy access and convenient cargo, while also maintaining a seamless form.

Scanning the exterior of the Bellroy Brief you will find sustainably produced venture wave polyester, used frequently by the brand’s products because of the rugged texture balanced with reasonably lightweight material. Also kept consistent is Bellroy’s love of using environmentally certified leather, water-resistant woven fabric, and protective YKK zips.

On the bag’s front-face you’ll find a Bellroy leather logo patch towards the top and in the centre, conveniently doubling as an easy-to-use bike loop for those who cycle to work. Bellroy has also included a handy and reasonably deep zippered compartment on the front, for those who want to store things separate to their main cargo, such as a notebook or reading book. Accessible from the side of the brief, this pocket also contains the brand’s signature key-clip for extra convenience.

Soft padded nylon handles sit on the top of the Belroy Classic Brief for comfortable and quick carry, although you can also use the removable padded shoulder strap. Attached via two loop points with super lightweight metal G hooks, the strap has a soft plush memory foam-like padding and contours beautifully to your shoulders.

On the main compartment, a YKK zip seamlessly reveals a generous interior, similar to a three-quarter clamshell that gives you full visibility of everything inside. Multiple organisation pockets mean that you can customise your cargo as needed. The two slip sleeves directly in front of the laptop section are perfect for smaller items, between which a single slot, ideal for a pen or stylus, sits.

On the other side of the bag, facing the slip sleeves, is a spacious set of twin pockets accessed by a single zipper. Featuring a stretchable mesh material, the pockets can be expanded if you want to include more items separate to any main cargo.

Towards the back of the interior is the protective laptop compartment, easily wide enough to house most 15” laptops. The padded material on the edges and at the back have a beautiful, wool-like texture.

Discerning professionals who value a fine balance of function and form, and who are in the market for a slim, smart brief, will love to Bellroy Classic Brief. Though it has a casual look, this bag has been intelligently designed to offer a serious amount of organisation, able to handle your everyday cargo with enough flexibility for customisation.

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