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The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2, The Classic Is Back...And Better

The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2, The Classic Is Back...And Better

The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2 is a vast improvement from the brand’s highly regarded original, taking something that was already perfect and finessing for the modern commute. Flexibility is key here, offering a backpack that’s both slim and streamlined, while still including enough to make it highly functional for various needs.

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In continuing their commitment to high quality, environmentally friendly builds, Bellroy have used durable, water-resistant woven fabric, made from recycled materials, and environmentally certified leather accents on the shell of the Bellroy Classic Backpack V2. Like just about everything else they put out, this helps maintain that super premium, signature Bellroy look while also ensuring the backpack aligns with modern values.

Around the front and side of the pack is a concealed pocket with an internal mesh zip compartment for quick storage and easy access on the go, nailing the seamless carry that an everyday pack like this requires.

Those smaller, even more immediate needs can be placed in a water-resistant top pocket which is lined with this kind of protective faux-fur, perfect for items you’d need constantly throughout the day like a smartphone.

The improved system around the back panel is one of the most substantial changes compared to the original Bellroy Classic Backpack, featuring plush, almost memory foam-like padding and one simple channel down the middle for improved air flow. The thick, contoured shoulder straps are flexible and help lighten the load, with leather accents on one just to complete the Bellroy look. These little details, often surprising, echo Bellroy’s lavish design language, along with others like lightweight metal locks with a beautiful matte finish.

On the top you have the standard nylon haul handle, soft and easy to grip for when you need to immediately grab the bag and run. As with all Bellroy packs, all the zips are protective YKK zips, but there are also weather flaps to help protect the main compartment from the elements.

Inside there are the perfect amount of compartments, including a zipped mesh compartment for smaller items like a laptop charger and cables. The main space is large and perfectly proportioned for all needs, and behind that is the raised and padded laptop compartment with a faux-fur lining to help the laptop move in and out very smoothly.

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that Bellroy designed this backpack in eight different colourways, including blue neon, ink blue, and a unique desert ochre which they have been favouring with their most recent products. The later is made from military-grade dura-nylon for extra protection.

The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2 is once again an incredible design achievement from a company well-known for their premium, environmentally conscious aesthetics. With a number of detailed adjustments, they have managed to improve upon perfection and offer up a daily-use pack perfect for any commute, both maintaining a stylish profile and protecting your gear in any situation.

Buy the Bellroy Classic Backpack V2 from Rushfaster.

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