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The 9 Best Ways To Carry Your Keys

The 9 Best Ways To Carry Your Keys

Our keys are probably one of the most important parts of our everyday carry. Yet they’re often the most lost, misplaced and disorganised. They get tangled up in your bag, cause pulls in nice winter jumpers and constantly rattle about in pockets. There is definitely a better way. We introduce 9 products that not only look great but also make your life feel more simplified.

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We love supporting local start-ups and it’s so easy to do when they make products as cool as the Orbitkey. This Melbourne brand has developed a simple design that makes key carry more practical and looks cool in the process. The Orbitkey is a compact keychain that uses an uncomplicated locking mechanism to hold your keys in place and eliminate any rattling. Simply stack up your keys onto the screw and fasten them all together with a coin. Adding or removing items for your Orbitkey is quick and convenient. Each key can be accessed easily and tucks away under the leather or elastomer (rubber) strap when not in use. By keeping everything semi-concealed, the Orbitkey reduces the chance of scratching things like your phone or wallet.

A big plus is that the size is fully adjustable, with the capacity to hold up to 9 keys. There is also a great variety of colours to choose from. For chunkier items like car keys, use the optional attachment which comes with your Orbitkey.

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Product developers Left Field Design are champions of designing for active lifestyles. Their Keyclip is a multi-functioning carry solution that holds up to 6 keys, tools, cards, and cash in a compact and comfortable shape. 

Think of the Keyclip as a key case + a card clip. The cover is made from aircraft aluminium with a clear, anodised finish. One side of the clip houses your keys, which are screwed down into the holder. The other side lets you clip down important cards and cash. If you’re constantly someone who has bulky pockets thanks to your keys and wallet, this is a perfect all-in-one solution to streamline your carry.

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If you’re looking for a slender carry option then the Keysmart Extended Key Holder is well worth consideration. Handmade in Chicago from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel, this product scores big points for durability. It functions like a Swiss army knife, with all keys tucked in neatly, one on top of the other, eliminating key jingle in your pocket or bag. Similarly to the Orbitkey, adding items to the holder is easy, just stack onto the screws and tighten with a coin or screwdriver.

The sharp jagged edges of your keys are hidden away nicely and only the straight edge is visible, keeping everything looking neat and clean. The Keysmart can also carry USB sticks and includes a separate loop piece to attach a car key as well. The standard holder accommodates 6 keys. Fear not if your needs extend beyond this, grab a nifty expansion pack to hold up to 34 additional keys. Another great Keysmart feature is that you can replace the coloured plates if you are in the mood for a change.

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Mini Q

This carry device is ideal for lovers of the great outdoors. Each Mini Q comes with a blade of your choice, making it perfect for camping getaways where you want to be equipped but also pack light. Our favourite blade option is the sharp anteater utility blade because of its multifunction capabilities. This blade version is a bottle opener, knife and flathead screwdriver, all in one compact tool.

Heavily inspired by the swiss army knife, the Mini Q is all about functionality in your hand. The notches are designed at the optimum depth for flipping out keys but also double as a grip – when the blade is extended your index finger fits nicely in the indents. The Mini Q holds up to 4 keys but can be expanded. With each set of extension posts, you can add another 4 keys.


After the success of the inaugural KeyDisk, the brand has decided to launch a variety of other key carry solutions. One of our favourites is the newly released KeyKlip. Part keyholder/part carabiner, this product is all about functionality, fitting 1-4 keys with the option to expand. Great for those who are constantly on the go, you can just clip this bad boy onto your jeans or your bag and you’ll have no problem finding it later.

The KeyKlip keeps things uncluttered with a boxy, minimalist design and is currently available in black and gunmetal. The rectangular shape lends itself well to storage of small membership cards, which tuck away quite neatly in the holder. A backing on the underside of the KeyKlip would be nice to make it look a bit more polished.

Bladekey Bolt

Simplicity is key (pardon the pun) with this next product. The Bladekey Bolt is no fuss and all about practicality. Made from stainless steel and aluminium, it naturally resists oxidation which prevents it from rusting. Skinny in form, when empty, the Bladekey Bolt looks like a miniature pair of tongs. This allows for your keys to be more visible than a lot of other key carry products, making it easier to spot which one you need quickly.

Grab a Bladekey Bolt in your choice of 3 different sizes to fit 3, 6 or 9 keys. This provides a bit of variety but the downfall of these set sizes is that they are a little bit awkward to use when not entirely filled. Stock colour options are silver or black, but some limited edition colourways are also available. These are bright and stand out in your bag, making your keys easy to find.

Key Caddy

For all minimalist lovers out there, this one’s for you. Accessories designers Liquid Co have created the elegant Key Caddy. This keyholder is compact and sophisticated yet can be beefed out to hold over 200 keys! The Key Caddy is also easy to use, pop your keys on the posts and then tighten the screws with a coin. It too functions like a Swiss army knife, allowing for you to tuck in and flip out whichever key you need to access. A great addition is Liquid Co’s belt clip, which means you’ll never lose your keys again. The Key Caddy fits up to 8 keys right out of the box but can accommodate as little or as many keys as you may need with its impressive expansion capabilities.

Swivel Key Wallet

We’ve seen a bunch of key carriers that perform in similar ways, requiring either a screw or tool system to lock in your keys. LA-based designer Michael Rahban’s Swivel Key Wallet, however, has a clever locking mechanism that makes it one of the easiest keyholders to use. Pop your finger in the bottle opener section and one effortless slide to the left will open up the Swivel Key Wallet. Internal magnets ensure that all keys are secured safely in place around the locking pin and eliminate the need for tools every time you’d like to change out your keys. The magnets also mean that you can pop your keys on your fridge and never lose them again.

The Swivel Key Wallet has been designed with as little components as necessary. The result is a compact and sophisticated aesthetic that streamlines key carry. The built-in bottle opener also removes the need for an additional attachment for this tool. A laser engraving option upon purchase of a Swivel Key Wallet means that you can add a personalised touch which is perfect for gifting. Currently available in 2 size options equipped for 4 and 6 keys. Unfortunately, this holder is not expandable, which might not work for those who have many keys to organise.


The military inspired K-Addict is brought to you by Cineik, a company that is traditionally known for their camera equipment. Their attention to detail and product design expertise has built a key carry device that is not only great looking but also incredibly durable. Made from high-grade stainless steel, the K-Addict won’t rust or corrode and is resistant to scratching.This product is a little dynamo, able to hold a single key or more than 50. Attaching or rearranging your keys requires a small building kit, which ships with every K-Addict order. It includes stainless steel hardware and nylon washers that allow for quick flipping and correct tension. All of the tools required to assemble the K-Addict makes it a little bit more fiddly to build but you can at least trust that everything is safely locked and secure.

This product is a little dynamo, able to hold a single key or more than 50. Attaching or rearranging your keys requires a small building kit, which ships with every K-Addict order. It includes stainless steel hardware and nylon washers that allow for quick flipping and correct tension. All of the tools required to assemble the K-Addict makes it a little bit more fiddly to build but you can at least trust that everything is safely locked and secure.

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