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The Kinto Travel Tumbler, A Delicate Balance Between Form and Function

The Kinto Travel Tumbler, A Delicate Balance Between Form and Function

Japanese brand Kinto, revered for their reliable, ergonomic homeware designs, have offered a truly fantastic product for those who live a conscious and flexible lifestyle. The Kinto Travel Tumbler, sporting an incredibly sleek and minimal profile, is a stunning solution for those who want precise control over the temperature of their beverages on-the-go, striking a delicate balance between form and function.

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The Kinto Travel Tumbler is a vacuum insulated tumbler, benefiting from its shell of high quality and durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The exterior has been double-walled to provide exceptional temperature retention, meaning it will maintain cold drinks (under 8℃/46℉) at the perfect temperature for up to 6 hours, as well as ensure hot drinks (above 65℃/149℉) remain hot for the same amount of time.

On the very outside of the tumbler’s shell, you have a scratch-resistant powder coat finish, not only protecting the bottle but also giving it a supremely comfortable, tactile grip. It feels incredible to hold, and because of the insulation, you won’t be experiencing any water beading and condensation on the exterior

Inside the tumbler, an immaculate layer of electro polished steel promises zero metallic taste or residual flavours of whatever liquid you put inside, while also protecting from any lingering odours and stains.

The tumblers come in a variety of different colours, giving you plenty of opportunities to mix and match. In terms of size, you can purchase the tumbler with either a 350ml 12oz capacity or a 500ml 17oz capacity. Both comfortably fit any standard cup holder. Moving up to the lid, you can see that it has been carefully shaped with a type of chamfered edge, giving the tumbler its unique form but also making it incredibly easy to remove with two simple twists.

A silicone ring, keeping a tight thermal seal between the lid and the tumbler, can be removed and cleaned separately. This also helps with the seamless process of turning the lid so it lifts off of the tumbler without any discordant material sound, opening up the body for refills with perfect ease of movement.

Plenty of thought has also gone into the cap, where the drinking spout is designed to maintain the precise flavour profile of the drink. Inside, the spout is made of a smooth polymer designed to give the feeling of drinking out of a glass or a mug.

The small plate found towards the bottom of the cap is to catch ice and any other larger bits, helping to retain them in the liquid. This also ensures optimal flow from any angle, avoiding awkward situations where drinks can spill easily from tilting the tumbler too far.

With material and texture supporting long-term use, the Kinto Travel Tumbler is for anyone who appreciates design-driven solutions to the smaller things in life. To truly ensure any drink on-the-go is going to taste the way it’s meant to, as well as maintain temperature in a sleek profile, this tumbler is as efficient as it is gorgeous.

Buy the Kinto Travel Tumbler from Rushfaster.

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