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Best Backpacks For University

Best Backpacks For University

Being a student is tough enough. You’re trying to ace all of those exams while working that part-time job and also attempting to have somewhat of a social life. We understand how time poor you guys are, so that’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite backpacks for university that are perfect for those busy days on campus. 

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Herschel Settlement Backpack

A minimal and classic everyday backpack that comes in a huge range of colour options to suit everyone. The Settlement has a spacious main compartment that can easily hold a few textbooks, notebooks, pens and lunch for the day. There’s also a laptop sleeve that separates your computer from the rest of your gear. Finding everything inside is really easy thanks to the signature Herschel barber-striped lining.

Topo Designs Daypack

With its slim and narrow silhouette, the Topo Designs Daypack is one of the best backpacks for university students who are slightly taller. Made from a sturdy 1000 denier Cordura fabric, this bag won’t buckle under the weight of all those textbooks. The laptop sleeve safely houses your computer and there are also some separate internal dividers for things like pens, small notebooks, and even a tablet. The diagonal zippered pocket on the front of the bag provides quick and easy access to your phone and wallet.  If you also happen to commute to uni on a bicycle, you can attach a light to the external leather lash tab, ensuring you’re nice and visible on evening rides.

Jansport City Scout Backpack

If you’re a traditionalist and just want a straightfoward, no-fuss backpack, the City Scout is an ideal option. JanSport are experts at making backpacks for university and the City Scout is great for the busy student. The whole bag is made entirely of fabric, without any leather accents or trims so it’s super easy to clean. A spacious main chamber features a built-in laptop sleeve and the front utility pocket has a special organiser to store your keys, pens and a small diary. Similarly to the Topo Daypack, you can attach a bike light to the front of the City Scout, making it easy to ride into uni every day.

Incase City Compact Backpack

If you tend to just take your laptop into class and don’t need to carry a wad of thick textbooks, the City Compact is an awesome everyday backpack. It has been designed with the modern creative in mind so it’s fully equipped to safely carry all your electronic devices, great for all the design students. The City Compact features 360-degree protection which keeps items like external hard drives and tablets protected as you move about classrooms throughout the day. The entire bag is lined with a super soft fleece so you never have to worry about your gear getting damaged.

Herschel Hanson Backpack

For all the petite ladies, we’ve got some wonderful bags that suit smaller frames. The Herschel Hanson packs are very cute and practical. The cinch-top closure makes it incredibly easy to access everything inside the bag quickly. Grab notes and pens out during class without having to undo a single zip. The main compartment might look small but it’s still very spacious and also features an internal zipper pocket that helps to organise personal items. A thick, reinforced base helps to protect all your goods when the bag is placed on hard surfaces.

Penfield Vaughan Backpack

Simple and classic with a little quirky twist. The Vaughan boasts a traditional backpack shape with the addition of some interesting design details that make this bag stand out from the pack. The external leather patches and diagonal front zipper add a contemporary feel to the heritage style pack. A buckled lash tab at the top of the bag allows you to secure extra gear externally, making it easy to carry awkward, clunky items like tripods or drafting equipment.

Rains Mesh Backpack

If you love the shape of a traditional backpack but want a little point of difference, the RAINS Mesh Backpack is an elegant choice. It still maintains a minimalist aesthetic but has a cool mesh exterior that looks stylish and interesting. We think that it’s a superb way to make a bit of a fashion statement without being too out-there. The main cargo compartment includes a 15″ laptop sleeve and the water-resistant polyurethane outer shell provides a good level of protection from the rain.

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Jansport Big Student Backpack

Always carrying a tonne of textbooks to class? JanSport has you covered with the Big Student. This backpack is about maximum practicality and minimum fuss. There are two main compartments which provide a great amount of organisation, letting you separate your textbooks from your computer, your lunch from your jumper or some after class gym gear from the rest of your carry. There are so many pockets on this bag, it’s incredibly easy to keep everything neatly arranged and in its own place. There’s even a mesh pocket on the side of the bag that’s designed for a water bottle. The Big Student is one of our favourite backpacks for university thanks to its awesome level of functionality.

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Qwstion Backpack

What’s more perfect for boxy textbooks than a boxy backpack? The square shaped Qwstion Backpack makes it easy to pack all of your bulky uni essentials for the day. It’s one of our most interesting backpacks for university, challenging the design of the traditional school bag. The zipper system goes all the way around the bag which lets you open it up like a duffle. Accessing items during class is straightforward because you can lift up the bag’s wide opening and see everything inside. We love the versatility of this backpack, which lets you carry it on the shoulders or grab it by the side handle and tote it like a briefcase.

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Crumpler The Private Zoo Backpack

A simple, no frills bag that’s jam packed with a bunch of practical features. The Private Zoo has two storage zones, including a large main compartment with a 15″ padded laptop sleeve and a spacious front pocket. This backpack is a bit wider than most traditional bags, opening up a bit more room for all of the study necessities inside. Designed to distribute weight evenly on the shoulder, this is a really comfortable backpack to use for heavy loads. It’s made from a water-resistant exterior to keep your goods dry during light rain.

Do your back and shoulders some favours by grabbing a good quality bag for the new semester. We’ve got an excellent selection so hop onto Rushfaster for some more fantastic backpacks for university.

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