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A Jansport Backpack Guide: Versatile Backpacks For Everyday Life

A Jansport Backpack Guide: Versatile Backpacks For Everyday Life

JanSport turns 50 this year keep getting better with age. Unsurprisingly, when you buy a JanSport backpack, you always know what you’re getting: trustworthy materials, versatile design and that recognisable heritage aesthetic that comes in many colours. And every JanSport backpack comes with a lifetime guarantee.

If you’re looking at getting a JanSport backpack, it’s important to know which one to get. They’re all super practical everyday backpacks but they differ slightly in terms of organisation options and materials. Our handy guide will help you find the Jansport backpack for you.

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The Jansport Right Pack & City Scout Backpacks

The JanSport Right Pack and JanSport City Scout backpacks have exactly the same versatile silhouette. Both have spacious 31L main compartments with a laptop sleeve, which makes them solid all-rounders whether you’re going to work, school or headed to the gym. If you prefer to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with a Right Pack or City Scout Backpack. 

The Right Pack is slightly more expensive because of its durable Cordura and faux leather construction. Meanwhile, the City Scout is made of 600D polyester, which is already very strong. The Right Pack also comes in a wider variety of colours – check out the Digital, Expressions and World packs at Rushfaster to get the idea.

The Jansport Houston & Austin Backpacks

If you couldn’t guess from their names, the JanSport Houston and JanSport Austin backpacks also share the same layout. They feature a vertically-zipping pocket on the front, which is great for flat items like tablets and notepads, alongside two other, smaller front pockets for small accessories. These two backpacks come with a roomy 26L of storage and come with a laptop sleeve, which makes them ideal for bringing to work or uni. The Houston is constructed from premium cotton canvas, while the Austin is made of 600D polyester. 

The Jansport Hatchet Backpack

The JanSport Hatchet is one of JanSport’s more outdoorsy backpacks. It has water bottle pockets on both sides, compression straps and mesh-padded straps for added comfort and functionality. The unique U-shaped zippered opening reveals the main compartment where you’ll find multiple organisation options including a laptop sleeve. Like the other backpacks in this guide, the Hatchet will help you haul all your everyday gear with its 28L capacity. 

The Jansport Big Student Backpack

The JanSport Big Student backpack is great for people who need to carry a lot of books but don’t necessarily require a dedicated laptop sleeve. The Big Student is split across two main compartments. The one at the back is great for your bulkier items – things like gym clothes or your lunch – and the thinner one is great for your books and other flat items. Then there’s a big front pocket, which is great for organising your phone, wallet and pens. 

The Jansport Superbreak Backpack

The JanSport Superbreak is the simplest and most economical JanSport backpack we’re profiling here today. It’s just one big main compartment and a nice front pocket with some organisation for your phone, pens and headphones. There’s no laptop sleeve and no fancy drink bottle sleeves, just good, honest backpack with a generous 25L of space.

It’s clear that JanSport has been at the top for so long for a reason. They make really practical, affordable backpacks that are up to any everyday task. With their huge range of colours, they’re also one of the most personalisable bag makers on the market.

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