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5 Minimal Laptop Sleeves

5 Minimal Laptop Sleeves

If you want your laptop to go the distance without any scuffs or marks, then you need a good quality laptop sleeve. Not all are made equal, which is why we are looking at five of our favourites, all of which present carriers with typically 13-inch and 16-inch sized laptop sleeves that are the perfect balance of meticulously detailed design and reliable function.

Minimalism is the common through line for all of these laptop sleeves, which are clean, sleek, and absolutely dependable when it comes to giving your laptop the protection it deserves throughout the day.


Bellroy Laptop Sleeve

First up is the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve, coming in various modern and beautifully textured colourways such as the neutral Salt hue with really clean, elegant lines and a single piece of Looma Weave fabric that wraps around to provide extra protection. HeiQ V-Block has been used for the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve due to its antimicrobial properties, which are certified safe, sustainable, and non-toxic.


100% recycled PET bottles have been used to help protect the sleeve with superior water resistance, ensuring any laptop is safe from the elements, while a small bumper area allows pass through for any dirt or debris. 

The slim, textural Bellroy Laptop Sleeve is just as impressively designed inside. Your laptop will fit snugly against a quilted microfiber lining used for exceptional extra protection which, along with the intelligent magnetic closure that snaps the sleeve shut, ensures a scratch-free carry for your Apple MacBook or similarly sized device.

Buy the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve: 15"-16" Here and 13" Here


Native Union Stow Slim Sleeve

Made from a blend of nylon and polyester with PU/PE coating, the Native Union Stow Slim Sleeve is a beautiful two-tone solution for any 13-inch or 16-inch laptop, depending on what size you choose. The minimal, premium aesthetic aligns with our other favourite laptop sleeves, sharing a similar penchant for balancing design with function.


The Native Union Stow Slim Sleeve offers additional storage with an extra, smaller sleeve for any documents or other important slim cargo which sits apart from the laptop. Open up the sleeve and you’ll find a quilted interior lining with microfiber to guarantee scratch-free carry for your laptop.

Much like the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve, the Native Union Stow Slim Sleeve uses a magnetic closure to snap the sleeve shut securely, without you having to worry that it'll come open in your bag. 

Rushfaster Laptop Sleeve

The Rushfaster Laptop Sleeve is made of 30 per cent recycled neoprene with a 100 per cent outer shell fabric, uniquely shaped thanks to pull tabs on either side which help with the sleeve’s adaptive qualities and make it easier to slide the laptop in and out.

Like our other favourite laptop sleeves, the Rushfaster Laptop Sleeve comes in a variety of colours and either a 13-inch or 16-inch format. The neoprene helps it stand apart from other laptop sleeves with a softer structure, which is why neoprene is used for internal lining as well.

The elasticated pull tabs allow for easy insertion and removal of your device, and also makes sure the sleeve wraps around the laptop for a very snug fit and extra protection against bumps and scratches when inside the laptop compartment of any bag.

These pull tabs also mean there is no need for a zipper or a magnetic lock to close the laptop sleeve, making it much easier and quicker to simply access the laptop in any situation.

Buy the Rushfaster Laptop Sleeve Here


Nomad Laptop Sleeve

The Nomad Laptop Sleeve is meticulous, professional, and undeniably premium. To ensure distinction, Nomad have sourced high quality leather from the historic Horween Leather Co. in Chicago, using vegetable tanned Horween leather worked to produce a beautiful patina over time.

Using highly dependable N42 grade magnets, the sleeve firmly opens and snaps shut to provide superior protection to the laptop. Around the shapely sides of the sleeve is a small cutout so you can use a USB-C to charge up your laptop without even having to take it out of the sleeve.

While the laptop is inside, it’ll fit against a compression moulded EVA foam microfiber lining to ensure supreme scratch resistance, even if the laptop sleeve is being thrown around in the dedicated compartment of your bag. 


With a focus on high-end design, the Nomad Laptop Sleeve is superior to many sleeves out there, and each size is adaptable to a wider range of devices.

Buy the Nomad Laptop Sleeve Here


Incase ICON Tensaerlite Sleeve

The Incase ICON Tensaerlite Sleeve has been one of the most popular laptop sleeves for the past few years thanks to clever, simple design that uses high quality materials to protect the laptop and repel any harmful elements.

The woolen polyester material used for the shell was chosen because it’s great at repelling moisture and other chemicals that could damage your laptop or expose it to harm in any way. Further support to your device is added with a protective EVA bumper frame that’s textured around the edges of the sleeve, geared to provide maximum impact absorption should the sleeve accidentally be dropped.


The lightweight bumper frame helps set the Incase ICON Tensaerlite Sleeve apart both visually and functionally. Inside, you’ve got a fleece lined faux fur material to help protect your device from any scratches or scuffs.

Like most of our other favourite laptop sleeves, this too features a strong and reliable magnetic closure so you won’t have to worry about the laptop falling out. Although unique to this particular sleeve is the opening itself, designed as a small flap that can simply be folded back to easily insert and retrieve the laptop vertically, even without having to take it out of a bag. 

Buy the Incase ICON Tensaerlite Sleeve Here


5 Minimal Laptop Sleeves Review | Who Are They For?

If you want your laptop to last for years without degrading over time, a well made laptop sleeve is always going to go a long way. Sleeves from Bellroy, Native Union, Rushfaster, Nomad, and ICON all share a unifying theme of simplicity and complete protection, ensuring your most important device remains pristine and untroubled at all times.

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