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The Peak Design Wash Pouch, Your One-Stop Toiletries Companion

The Peak Design Wash Pouch, Your One-Stop Toiletries Companion

The Peak Design Wash Pouch, part of the brand’s reliable travel range which also includes Camera Cubes and Shoe Pouches, is designed to fit seamlessly into the ultimate carry ecosystem. Although it is best complemented by Peak Design’s Travel Backpack and Travel Duffles, the Wash Pouch stands alone as a one stop and all-encompassing companion for storing toiletries. Essentially every personal care or toiletry one would need can be fit into this remarkable pouch.

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The exterior isn’t just made from a recycled 200D nylon canvas, it also features a double polyurethane coating and a durable water repellent finish. The zipping is also water protected, so you can be sure no water will be able to get inside, keeping all contents dry and durable through all elements.

Peak Design has used the same material across both colourways, whether it’s the energetic sage with nubuck accents, or the sleek and minimal black with hypalon accents.

On the inside, the Wash Pouch offers unrivalled organisation when it comes to toiletry kits. Despite its slim profile, there is a beautiful, wide origami style opening which maximises the storage capacity whilst providing ample organisation options and loadout variation. All up, there are thirteen separate sections of varying sizes.

A network of TPU-coated silicone mesh pockets has been included along with a magnetically-sealed toothbrush pocket so you can keep items separated and hygienic.

There is another zippered compartment for smaller items, with more mesh pockets, while there’s also one on the outside of the pouch for something like a razor or anything you’d want to keep isolated from the main cargo.

Every pocket is easy to clean with just warm water, even if you get any spills in there. To assist with this, there are pull cords inside the toothbrush pocket and the zippered compartment so you can invert and give it a thorough cleaning.

Although the pouch is larger than your typical toiletry bag, it still fits nearly in one hand and can be carried as such. In any case, there is a carry handle for quick hauling, and a carry hook at the top which you just swivel out and hang on something like a door knob or the inside of a tent.

Peak Design has been smart in the design for this Wash Pouch, keeping it in-line with the same high-quality standards seen throughout their travel range. It gives you ample organisation for all toiletry essentials, and ensures everything is kept in its right place for easy and quick access.

Cleanliness has clearly been of primary concern here, and Peak Design has ensured that anything you’d need to keep separate can be easily isolated. As such, anyone who travels regularly and needs to take a lot of toiletries with them will love the Peak Design Wash Pouch.

Buy the Peak Design Wash Pouch from Rushfaster.

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