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The Peak Design Travel Duffle, A Killer Weekend Or Overnight Bag

The Peak Design Travel Duffle, A Killer Weekend Or Overnight Bag

The Peak Design Travel Duffle is a supremely stylish 35L of carry, designed as the perfect overnight or weekend bag with superior protection and large compartments. Despite its size, the light and slim profile looks great no matter how you choose to carry this impressive duffle bag.

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Peak Design have made brilliant use of two materials on the shell of the Travel Duffle. On the top is a 100% recyclable 400D nylon canvas shell, while the sides and bottom is made of a 900D waterproof liner fabric.

Both have been chosen for their superior weatherproof qualities, making the Peak Design Travel Duffle incredibly sturdy in any condition, especially during those wetter days when you wouldn’t want any water elements touching your cargo.

Available in either a sage or black colourway, the shell is smooth and seamless yet retains a great sense of storage with various nylon webbing, complemented by solid aluminium hardware, hypalon accents, and both Zoom and YKK zippers. The convenient choice reiterates Peak Design’s reliable history of making smart choices when it comes to balancing both form and function.

The duffle is very easy to carry in various ways, whether it’s via the leather haul handles that stick together with a magnetic clasp or by the padded adjustable shoulder strap which has been clearly designed with breathability and tension relief in mind.

On either side of the bag are two zippered compartments, one both a weatherproof flap, and one below it. Both sport a similar sense of organisation, although the load out in each is different. Inside each compartment are various silicone mesh pockets and accessory loops to attach small items like a set of keys.

This is complemented by another compartment which is just one big empty space, perfect for a medium sized item you’d want to keep separate from your main cargo, like a water bottle or umbrella.

Two chunky and easy to use Zoom zippers can run the length of the Peak Design Travel Duffle to completely open the bag to the main compartment, really widening up so you can access each and every bit of gear easily and quickly.

Peak Design’s trademark grey interior ensures full visibility to the main cavity, which has plenty of space for various packing cubes or large items. On either side of this commitment are smaller pockets for extra items.

You’ll also notice accessory loops in the main compartment, specifically designed to attach Peak Design Camera Cubes so your precious content-creating gear isn’t jostling around mid-transit.

The Peak Design Travel Duffle is an attractive, beautifully designed carry solution for an overnight or weekend bag. Although it could just as easily double as an everyday gear hauler, given there are various ways to wear it while maintaining complete quick access to all the gear inside.

Peak Design really has offered one of the most comprehensive and coherent travel duffles we have seen recently, refusing to compromise on function but still managing to present something that’s fashion-forward.

Buy the Peak Design Travel Duffle from Rushfaster.

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