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The Orbitkey ID Card Holder System, The ID Reinvented

The Orbitkey ID Card Holder System, The ID Reinvented

Sticking to their brief of clever organisation for better living, Orbitkey are back with the new Orbitkey ID Card Holder System, designed especially to help collate your most important plastics for easy access.

Bringing quality and premium design to a carry solution that’s often overlooked, Orbitkey have clearly considered all use cases to build a card holder that helps you move seamlessly during a typical day of commuting and working.

Get the Orbitkey ID Card Holder System Here

The Orbitkey ID Card Holder System comes in a Standard or Pro model and is a simple, refined system, aimed at adapting your essential cards to the pace of modern life. Available in either Black or Stone, the card holder system reiterates Orbitkey’s meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials to solve even the smallest issues.

The card sleeve is framed by a professional looking top grain leather - gold-rated by the Leather Working Group for its environmental and ethical credentials. On the front, you have a clear acrylic window for displaying your primary card, whether that be an ID card or a transit card. Although there is another pocket when you flip the sleeve around, with enough space, based on the Pro model, for 2 more cards - ideal for a bank card or a loyalty card. Here, cards must be manually pushed via the centre cutout.

A microfibre lining in the sleeve keeps cards protected, even if you’ve got the slightly larger ID Card Holder Pro and are using the internal space behind the front card for coins or keys. The Pro model also uses smart technology to separate cards, featuring interference-free scanning which prioritises the front ID card, while protecting the back cards from digital theft with an RFID-lined space.

Central to the Orbitkey ID Card Holder System is the detachable retractor which extends the sleeve’s function and, with the Pro model, uses a zinc alloy G hook to attach to one of two points depending on whether you want your cards displayed in a portrait or landscape orientation.

The retractor’s front face is smooth and seamless with the same environmentally certified top grain leather as the outer-sleeve, attached to a durable dyneema cord with a chrome plated spring steel clip. Orbitkey have cleverly designed this retractor to be as noiseless as possible, so there’s no zipping sound when extending the sleeve.

Orbitkey has included a unique swivel belt hook which allows the retractor to rotate in the direction the card holder is pulled in. This minimises wear on the cord and helps reinforce a truly seamless daily interaction. Although if you didn’t want to use the retractor altogether, there’s also the option of a detachable lanyard, exceptionally comfortable with 100% recycled woven polyester.

Orbitkey ID Card Holder System | Who Is It For?

Whether you’re going for the Standard or the more versatile Pro model, it’s hard to look past just what Orbitkey are offering with this gorgeously designed ID Card Holder System. It’s one of those daily items you didn’t know you needed, until you start using it as a seamless solution to one of the more subtle aspects of daily work life. 

What’s more is that in a world where we are now paying more attention to personal hygiene, the Orbitkey ID Card Holder System offers another layer of protection against the spread of germs. Using it allows you to keep your ID and transport cards protected without the need to touch other belongings. 

Get the Orbitkey ID Card Holder System Here



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