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The Bellroy Tech Kit, Sleek On The Outside, Beautiful On The Inside

The Bellroy Tech Kit, Sleek On The Outside, Beautiful On The Inside

The Bellroy Tech Kit is Bellroy's new pouch specifically designed to house, protect and organise all your tech accessories. It's not too big, but big enough to comfortably fit the essentials nicely. It also looks great when closed and beautiful when it's deployed at the desk.

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Bellroy’s newest pouch, the Bellroy Tech Kit, is an exceptional carry solution designed to house, protect, and organise all your precious tech accessories. In maintaining a small profile, Bellroy have designed this tech kit to be exactly the right size to comfortably fit all the essentials in a clean and uncluttered way, encasing them in a beautiful pouch that looks great on the office desk.

The exterior fabric is a recycled woven polyester, worked into an attractive minimalist aesthetic to help the Bellroy Tech Kit blend seamlessly into any setting.

It looks great on an office desk, with extra grip thanks to a unique texture on the top face. You have many colour options, all offering a simple and elegant aesthetic - perfectly aligned with Bellroy’s signature looks.

On the outside, the accents on the brand tag and the zipper pulls is a premium, environmentally certified leather to reiterate Bellroy’s strong commitment to sustainable and ethical design.

Using smooth-action OOK zippers that glide along very smoothly, the Bellroy Tech Kit opens seamlessly to reveal a very intuitive interior that’s specifically made for anyone who hates the clutter that comes with stuffing tech into a regular backpack.

With chamfered edges and a sturdy shell, the pouch is very comfortable to hold in the hand, nicely aligning the inside with the similarly comfortable interior which hosts numerous pockets so you can store your tech gear exactly how you want. A magnetic slip pocket to one side is ideal for a power bank, while stretch mesh pockets are best used to store more significant bits and pieces like a portable hard drive, for example.

An elastic cable organiser has been included in a floating wall to keep those often frustrating chords out of the way as well, giving you more space for your tech essentials without the added issue of having cables snaking across them.

The big and small loops here are for varying sized tech gear, keeping everything nice and stable in place, and most importantly, separate so nothing overlaps and you are presented with a clean and efficient load each and every time.



The Bellroy Tech Kit is an essential item for those who have various sized gear that they need to carry around, and don’t necessarily want to throw it all in a backpack. Beautiful to look at, and even more attractive once opened, the pouch is the ideal organiser to keep all the essentials nice and stable for easy access and storage.


Buy the Bellroy Tech Kit from Rushfaster.

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