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The Bellroy Travel Wallet, Adventures For Many Years To Come

The Bellroy Travel Wallet, Adventures For Many Years To Come

Few things can recharge your batteries better than heading overseas to experience a new country and culture. But getting through the airport, making sure you have all of your important documents in one safe place, and not losing anything along the way is paramount to getting the trip off to a good start. We fly pretty often and have turned the monotonous process of getting through customs and beyond, into an art form. It all starts with the 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet. It’s cleverly planned layout makes it perfect for storing everything you need for the flight and beyond, letting us spend less time checking in and more time at the lounge bar sipping cocktails.

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We’ve been using the original Travel Wallet for three years and were happy to find out that Bellroy hasn’t changed anything that the original did so well. Instead, the new 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet has seen a few minor tweaks added to enhance its capability. Just like the rest of their products, the 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet is made from premium vegetable leathers that make it a joy to hold in your hands. A perfect indicator of a high-quality leather is how it develops a patina over time. This is the weathering that occurs over time, imparting a unique character on the wallet as you use it. Bellroy’s leather ages beautifully, with our three-year-old original gaining more patina as it ages. If you’re after the absolute pinnacle of fine leather than check out the Bellroy Designer’s Edition Travel Wallet, made from hand-picked European leathers.

The Travel Wallet comes in four colours: Black, Navy, Camel and Cocoa. The wallet is free of any excessive branding, with only a small Bellroy imprint in the bottom corner of the exterior, and a subtle Bellroy owl logo inside. Each colour has matching stitching on the outside, and with the exception of black, features a contrasting shade of leather on the interior.

On the right-hand side, you’ll find the passport holder. It’s big enough to fit the largest sized Australian passport (the sixty-six-page version if you were wondering), but we’ve found that it can snugly fit two standard sized passports as well – handy if you’re travelling with a partner. To the left of that, you’ll find four quick access card slots, perfect for credit, frequent flyer and hotel loyalty cards. Behind those are a further three card slots, allowing us to fit roughly ten cards in total.

During our travels, we’ve found that the best time to fill out customs forms is during the flight so you can breeze through customs when you land while everyone else is scrambling to complete theirs. Often though, it can be surprisingly hard to source a pen while in the air. It’s times like these that we realise how well thought out Bellroy products are. In the middle of the wallet, you’ll find the sleeve for the included mini pen. This makes filling out the custom cards and forms really easy, and you won’t have to worry about not being able to locate a pen again.

The back compartment is designed to fit boarding passes and documents without creasing them, and it does exactly that. We’ve never had any trouble with our tickets getting damaged after we receive them, we simply pop them in the travel wallet and head straight for the lounge. The 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet features a stretch of leather that folds over to conceal any currency inside, which is tall enough to carry Pound, US dollar and Euro notes. There is even a small SIM card cut out for storing your local SIM while overseas.

So much of our personal information is stored in the chips on our cards and passports bringing with it a new wave of digital pickpockets able to steal personal information from you in a matter of seconds. The 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet features RFID protection to prevent skimmers from stealing any of your data, giving you extra peace of mind on your travels. There is nothing worse than trying to get in contact with your bank while overseas to pause or replace a stolen card, particularly if the time zones are opposite.

With proper care, the 2018 Bellroy Travel wallet will be with you on all your adventures for many years to come and is backed by a three-year warranty from Bellroy, but we haven’t had many issues with any Bellroy products at Rushfaster in all the years we’ve sold them. You don’t need to be a business traveler to find utility in the 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet, it works just as well for holidays, but it is pretty costly if you’re not using it often. If you do travel through airports regularly, we think the 2018 Bellroy Travel Wallet is a great investment. It’ll keep you more organised so you can breeze through security and onto your destination.

Buy the Bellroy Travel Wallet from Rushfaster.

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