Peak Design Shell Small: Ultralight, Form-Fitting Rain & Dust Cover

Protect your camera from water, snow, dust and abrasion, whether it’s in your hands, on the tripod, on your backpack or in your bag. Shell’s unique form-fitting design uses stretchy fabric with a waterproof membrane to keep your camera safe without adding bulk or impeding your workflow. Use Shell with the Capture Camera Clip or any Peak Design strap (sold separately) to keep your camera accessible in any environment.

Compatible with mirrorless cameras with any size lens*.

  • Excludes: Sony NEX, Sony a7 and a7ii series, all Micro 4/3 cameras, etc.

  • Compatible with crop-sensor DSLRs with kit or small prime lenses and no battery grip.

  • Excludes: Canon Rebel, Nikon D3xxx-5xxx.
  • Lenses Excludes: 18-55mm DX lens, 35mm, 50mm DX lenses, etc.

  • *Almost any size lens. If you're using a Sony a7ii with the Sony 70-200 FE lens, you'll want a Medium Shell.

    All styles in this range are currently sold out, please follow this link to see our other ranges for this brand.