Studio Neat The Glif Adjustable Smartphone Tripod Mount

The Studio Neat Glif is a smartphone accessory with two primary functions: mounting your phone onto a tripod, and propping your phone up at various angles. Smartphone cameras should get the respect they deserve. The Glif has a universal tripod mount (1/4"-20) on both ends, so it will fit on any tripod, big or small. Perfect for taking pictures or making movies. Now you can also watch some movies on the plane. The Glif will work with practically any smartphone, with or without a case. Use the included hex key to fit the Glif to your phone. Once sized to your phone, you won't need to make any additional adjustments. The Glif will fit devices between 58.4–86.4mm wide and 3.1–12.7mm thick.

All styles in this range are currently sold out, please follow this link to see our other ranges for this brand.