Walnut Spartan Carton Leather 6 Pack Case

Walk into your favorite bottle market or brewery with a gorgeous lifetime leather 6 pack, nicknamed "The Spartan Carton" from Walnut Studiolo. This sturdy, reusable six-pack is perfect for those who want to transport their bottles in classic style.

Solid and sturdy, the Spartan Carton is designed to stand up to the elements, whether in the rain or being jammed into an ice-filled cooler.

Made with quality materials chosen for their environmental credentials: equestrian-grade bridle leather and a masonite wood centreboard, this leather 6-pack holder is perfect for the environmentally conscientious who want a reusable container for their mixed 6-packs or homebrew.

Featured in Real Simple Magazine, and in Wired and in the Beer West Magazine 2012 Gift Guide, selected by Core77 as of 77 Must-Haves for Hard Times for 2011, and chosen by Chilango Magazine as one of 5 Objetos de Deseo.

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