Silo RFID Mesh Card

Silo Mesh Card is the modern multi-tool for your pocket.

Keep it in your wallet or let it become your wallet.

Thin and versatile; this ultra-light wallet is also a Smartphone stand, bottle opener and will even help shield your credit card details from RFID theft.

Crafted from Titanium with scratch resistant TiCN coating, the Mesh Card is built to last and includes a removable silicone band for holding cards and currency and a polycarbonate bumper card used to separate your RFID credit card from the Mesh Card to enable contactless transactions (disabling the RFID shield). Alternatively, the bumper card can be used as a top plate cover for your standalone wallet.

When using as a Smartphone stand, the Mesh Card does not fix / attach to the phone, it simply supports the phone in an upright, angled position (in both landscape and portrait orientation). The Mesh Card can easily slip over the side of many Smartphones (including the iPhone 4, 5 + 6). Depending on the thickness of the Smartphone, this angle of orientation will differ. For best fit, Silo recommends the Mesh card for use as a stand on a Smartphone with thickness of 7.5mm-9.5mm. The Mesh Card can be extended in length by protruding the included bumper card beyond its natural length (whilst maintaining support from the silicone band). Effectively, this can increase the capacity of the stand (even supporting the iPad mini in landscape orientation).

All styles in this range are currently sold out, please follow this link to see our other ranges for this brand.