Status Anxiety Jonah Wallet

"This stallion is constructed from high grade vegetable tanned French leather (semi aniline finishing) and features 5 card slots including nifty uplift ID space (can fit up to 10 cards). Made for the minimalist, the Jonah wallet remains the stalwart of the mens range. Comes packaged in matte finish Status Anxiety tin."

All Status Anxiety products are made of real (nice) leather which means that the grain and colour of every piece is unique and unrepeatable. Here’s the lowdown on how to best look after your shiny (or matte as the case may be) new wallet or bag:

  • If you're the cautious type you might like to apply a protective cream to help keep the baddies out.
  • Be extra careful/paranoid about using pens near leather as ink can soak below the surface & won’t come out!
  • Leather is basically a skin so avoid scraping it on rough surfaces or leaving it in the sun for too long as it can cause it to dry and change colour like a Brit on Bondi beach.
  • "I got it wet!" Be sure not to dry it too quickly - room temperature is fine (unless you live in the Sahara) and be sure to keep it in the shape you want it as it's drying, as it’ll remember the shape it was when wet.

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