Unit Portables Unit 15 Laptop Backpack

Carry your precious laptop in comfortable style, going back and forth to work or running between meetings. The shape is inspired by Unit Portables' popular Unit 01, but turned on the side to create its own personal style.

The Backpack has a separate, protective sleeve for your computer positioned close to your back, ensuring you get the easiest access, without having to open the entire bag. The zipper even has an extra layer of fabric to protect your computer from dust and rain.

Not only comfy and protective, Unit 15 also comes with elegant leather details, for example on the shoulder pads and handle. Unit 15 is deceptively big on the inside, with plenty of room for all the other stuff you need to bring with you. To keep everything in order, the bag has an extra, big inside pocket for your notepad and a smaller pocket for your smaller bits and pieces.

And don't worry, you will find the classic canvas straps both on the outside and inside of the bag, so you can attach even more storage pockets if needed, such as Units 02 and 03.

All styles in this range are currently sold out, please follow this link to see our other ranges for this brand.