Seventy Eight Percent Vax Wallet

Vax is a slim 100% full-leather wallet. It has three separate slots for various cards, and a dedicated space for cash. Try it out, experience the thinness in your pocket and say goodbye to your fat wallet once and for all.

Vax will take down the size of your wallet without putting a diet on your cash. Our wallet-diet method not only makes you look smoother when paying for your shaken gin-martini - It also takes that bulge off that rear-end of yours. Vax has 3 slots to stash your cards as well as a space to hold your banknotes. Made from our top-quality Italian vegetable-tanned leather, Vax is guaranteed to look better the more you use it.

All styles in this range are currently sold out, please follow this link to see our other ranges for this brand.