Timbuk2 Snoop S DSLR / 13" Laptop Messenger - Black/Gunmetal

The Timbuk2 Snoop S DSLR / 13" Laptop Messenger - Black/Gunmetal has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Timbuk2 Snoop S DSLR / 13" Laptop Messenger - Black/Gunmetal

  • External Dimensions 40.4 x 24.4 x 11.9 cm
  • Weight 1.40 kg
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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The Snoop Camera Messenger would make an excellent spy. On the outside it plays it cool with dark coloring and classic messenger styling, but on the inside it's calculated, cautious, and a little bit sneaky. The fully padded, totally modular interior is designed to house camera lenses, bodies, and batteries. Simply move the walls around to fit the cameras you carry. If you really mean business, you can secure your tripod with the adjustable straps on the bottom of the bag. And when you're not packing (cameras), simply remove the padded insert and rock it like a classic messenger. Not to be a bummer...but insert not sold separately.

  • An SLR camera bag disguised as a classic messenger
  • Single-strap messenger orientation makes for fast swing-around access to your gear
  • Fully padded, removable camera insert with zipper closure and moveable walls that accommodate various camera bodies, lens, and batteries. Camera insert velcros into place for a secure fit inside the messenger and is easy to remove when not in use
  • Adjustable straps for securing tripods are double-reinforced and attached to the bottom of the messenger for proper balance while carrying
  • Internal slash pocket against the back wall of the bag provides a slightly padded, firm place for files, e-readers, or laptops when you're on a shoot
  • Napoleon side entry pocket allows for one-handed access to key items without opening the messenger flap - features a zipper closure which keeps your goods safe
  • Memory-adjust True Fit cam buckle eliminates daily fit adjustments. Just unclick, put the bag over your shoulder, and click back in for a perfect fit every time
  • Super strong Velcro closure with SR buckles for securing the messenger flap when you're on the move
  • Clear three-zip front organiser for organizing and grabbing filters and memory cards on the go
  • Waterproof TPU liner keeps your camera dry in a puddle or a drizzle
  • Cross Strap for stabilisation included
  • 2 hook Velcro Silencers strips designed to fit loop Velcro on Timbuk2 messengers

Customer Reviews

  • “Great bag with lots of spacious compartment. Beside the bag being a bit on the heavy side, the build quality was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the stabilizer which keeps the bag from swinging forward during a rough bike ride. I haven\'t try out carrying all my camera gear and tripod, but loading the bag heavily while using the stabilizer actually turn out to be really comfortable.”
    Tzu-Lun (Alan) W from St Leonards, NSW, Australia
  • “Short run with variety of gear: yes; travel bag: no, too heavy. . This bag is larger, deeper and heavier than i expected or really need. Two things attracted me to this bag: the underslings for a tripod and the adjustable buckle. The underslings work effectively. However this bag is quite heavy even unloaded. With camera gear and especially with a tripod its almost too much for a sling bag. A pleasant surprise was that the bag came with a cross strap attachment, which offers some relief. The adjustable buckle is a good idea but the strap itself is not long enough to take adequate advantage of it. Adjustable buckle? Take it or leave it. (napoleon pocket is an excellent feature. ).”
    Evan C from PADDINGTON, NSW, Australia