MaCO MaCO Magnetic Cable Organiser - Black/Aqua/Purple

The MaCO MaCO Magnetic Cable Organiser - Black/Aqua/Purple has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About MaCO MaCO Magnetic Cable Organiser - Black/Aqua/Purple

  • Weight 0.01 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Keep your cables organised and tangle-free with MaCO.

  • Organised and neat - By inserting one end of your cable into the slots of the MaCO, you can secure the cable by rolling it into a bundle and locking it with the magnets.
  • Quick detach and tangle-free - specifically designed to swiftly attach and detach. Just pull the two ends of the cable, the MaCO will be released and you can use your cables right away, tangle free.
  • Secure your headphones on your shirt - magnets on the MaCO allow you clip your headphones onto your shirt when you are walking or jogging.
  • Attach cables to wall or desk - Prevent your cables from falling with the mini platform or the premium platform
  • Colour code your cables- Available in a variety of colors, you can use it to colour code your cables.

Customer Reviews

  • “Great for keeping cables neat and tidy. Useful for the little things like earphones and charging cables that always get tangled up. Reduces the chance of it being damaged or the cable splitting. Wish there was a bigger design for the bigger cables.”
    Emily Y from Burwood, NSW, Australia
  • “Handy for keeping the your cords tidy. Like this product and my only issue is that the magnetic holds sometime stick together when you don't want them to.”
    Gaye D from Point Frederick, NSW, Australia