SwitchEasy iPhone 5/5s Nude Case - Ultra Black

The SwitchEasy iPhone 5/5s Nude Case - Ultra Black has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About SwitchEasy iPhone 5/5s Nude Case - Ultra Black

  • Weight 0.05 kg
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Warranty 2 Year Warranty

NUDE is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. NUDE is unique in its class as its thinner and tougher than any of its contenders. Measuring in at a tiny 1mm thin we believe this is the optimum thickness giving you enough protection while still being thin enough to go unnoticed - its as naked as it can be. Also includes two Protective Screen Guards, Microfibre Wipe, Squeegee and two Connector Protectors.

  • This case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5s with larger flash
  • Compatible with the iPhone 5
  • State of the art 1mm Ultra Thin casing
  • Made from Super Strong GE Lexan® polycarbonate material
  • Easy touch button access
  • 2 anti-static screen guards included
  • Complete protection with micro fibre screen wipe and connector protectors included

Customer Reviews

  • “A showcase for my pretty pretty phone. I needed a case that showed that allowed me to see the design of the phone that i had spent so much money on, without compromising its perfect condition or adding bulk - found it in this case!”
    Jenny L from Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • “Great price, case and screen protector. Great price, case and screen protector, fast service, love it.”
    Maryann E from ASHBURTON, VIC, Australia
  • “Perfect to show off your new iPhone 5S. One of the few cases that provided protection and allows the lovely new iphone 5s \'colours\' to show through. Thin and unobtrusive. Very nice although it probably won\'t help if you drop your phone from a great height!”
    Hui-chang W from CARLTON, VIC, Australia
  • “Nice slim design . .”
    Daniel V from HUGHESDALE, VIC, Australia