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SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G iPhone Case - Yellow

The SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G iPhone Case - Yellow has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G iPhone Case - Yellow

  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Read the SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 3G review on iLounge. (Note the price is in US$).

With colors, you will just see a plain case, which is made of the best silicon combined with the most vibrant colors you will see on any silicon product in the market. The color of the truffle case is really as real as the most scrumptious chocolate you can find, and the viola has the most vibrant violet you can experience with your eyes. Colors is the definite eye candy accessory for your iPhone 3G. We believe youll thoroughly enjoy our product for years to come.

  • Vibrant silicon case.
  • 2 static screen protectors
  • Power connector protector
  • Microfiber screen cleaner
  • Earphone jack protector
  • Unique design and style sets it apart from regular iPhone cases.

Customer Reviews

  • “Exactly what I wanted! Case has a nice feel, very good protection, great product.”
    Michael E from Mount Coolum, QLD, Australia
  • “HIGHLY recommended! After buying a cheap and nasty iphone cover (that didn't even protect the screen... ) i did my research on the internet and found that the 'colors case' got the best reviews when compared to other high quality iphone cases. After using it for a few weeks, i can say that it is great. Works perfectly, looks great, and is still pretty easy to pull the iphone out of my pocket (unlike most rubber cases). Forget about buying the fanciest or the cheapest - just get a 'colors case' and you won't be disapointed! Ps. Be very careful when putting on the actual screen protector. The screen needs to be very clean. Do it in a dust free environment.”
    Nick F from Ingleburn, NSW, Australia
  • “Colors Case for iPhone 3G. I've spent over $150 trying to find the perfect case for my iphone. I've gone thru griffinwave, iskin revo, switcheasy rebel, and a belkin. This is the cheapest and the best of them all. Not only does it give protection for the main button but it also covers all sensitive parts with plug ins. The silicone used is of excellent quality and not thin. Overall just the best $30 you can spend on your iphone!”
    Adam Z from Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
  • “Slip on case. This case makes an excellent slip on case - easy to get on and off at a moments notice, perfect if like me, you prefer a naked iphone around the house. The texture is also smooth and the home button provides great tactile response.”
    Edwin K from Carlingford, NSW, Australia
  • “Great case. This is the best silicone case for the iphone 3g. It fits like a glove and slides easily into your pocket. Highly recommended!!”
    Steve B from Mountain Creek, QLD, Australia