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SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Blue

The SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Blue has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About SwitchEasy Colors Case 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Blue

  • External Dimensions 11.80 x 6.400 x 1.400 cm
  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Read the SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 3G review on iLounge. (Note the price is in US$).

With colors, you will just see a plain case, which is made of the best silicon combined with the most vibrant colors you will see on any silicon product in the market. The color of the truffle case is really as real as the most scrumptious chocolate you can find, and the viola has the most vibrant violet you can experience with your eyes. Colors is the definite eye candy accessory for your iPhone 3G. We believe you'll thoroughly enjoy our product for years to come.

  • Vibrant silicon case.
  • 2 static screen protectors
  • Power connector protector
  • Microfiber screen cleaner
  • Earphone jack protector
  • Unique design and style sets it apart from regular iPhone cases.

Customer Reviews

  • “. I love it.”
    michael c from melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • “Best Case Yet. I own a large range of different cases of different makes, styles and materials. This case is by far the best case i've owned so far, it's made from sturdy, bright rubber which fits my iphone perfectly. The button is a wonderful addition to this case and is a unique feature i haven't come across in any other case. Highly recommended!”
    Katchia A from Underwood, QLD, Australia
  • “Swicheasy Colors. Great product i would have to say the swicheasy phone covers are the best on the market. Regards, tim.”
    Tim K from South Hurstville, NSW, Australia
  • “Great Job RF! Very happy. Exactly as described, with no disfigurements ;).”
    Chris C from Terrigal, NSW, Australia
  • “RE. Not bad, service is good better than tnt express australia. I'm happy with my product that i have so thanks so much, looking forward to get more items from you guys. =).”
    BRIAN C from SANDY BAY, TAS, Australia
  • “Great service. Easy to use website, prompt delivery and the product is the best iphone case i have come across. Will use this website again.”
    Tom C from Annandale, NSW, Australia
  • “Cool blue case. Everything about the new case i like except something that wouldn't apply to everyone. I have a certain compartment where i keep my phone in my purse. It used to slide in and out easily but the new material gets a bit stuck. Other than that, it's great.”
    Avalon R from Baldivis, WA, Australia
  • “Great. Nice product. Lovely colours and great non-slip feel. The inclusion of the headphone and usb port covers was great. I would love to buy these port plugs separately as my headphone jack plug has just gone walkabout.”
    Sarah Y from Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia
  • “Very good quality and practical. I read lots of reviews and looked at various covers both in australia and overseas. The ilounge review convinced me this was the iphone cover to buy. It feels great in the hand, looks good and so far, klutz that i am, i haven't dropped my iphone. Reasonably priced and a great product. I was afraid i would lose the extra silicon bits in no time but haven't so far!”
    Gary B from Double Bay, NSW, Australia
  • “Great case. This silicone cover really has a great non-slip feel. It fits the iphone perfectly. The screen protector covers the entire face and doesn't affect the screen touch sensitivity. The little silicone buttons that fill the charging and headphone jacks are a nice touch, but i bet i lose them before long. Nice subtle blue colour.”
    Allan L from Canberra, ACT, Australia