Portfoli-oh! A3 Felt Shoulder Bag - Grey

The Portfoli-oh! A3 Felt Shoulder Bag - Grey has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Portfoli-oh! A3 Felt Shoulder Bag - Grey

  • External Dimensions 45.5 x 31.5 x 10 cm
  • Weight 0.50 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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A portfolio bag that allows you to express your sense of style.

Portfoli-oh! bags are ideal for carrying original art work, sketch pads, designs and documents. They're also ideal for carrying business documents. Show people your personality whilst remaining a next generation professional.

Portfoli-oh! document cases with carry handle come in two sizes A4 and A3. If you prefer your Portfoli-oh! with a strap choose from three models: A4 Vertical, A4 Horizontal & A3 Horizontal. Get the document case to match the exact size of your documents. Neat, trim and economical on space and your pocket.

This bag is not full of gadget holders, pockets or zippers. It's elegant in it's simplicity, yet oh so practical. It's a unisex, portfolio bag for upwardly mobile people on the go. Get an A4 vertical strap Portfoli-oh! for weekends and an A3 carry handle Portfoli-oh! for weekdays and always look good.

  • Holds up to A3 documents
  • Customer Reviews

    • “. Love it!”
      Linda W from Clifton Springs, VIC, Australia
    • “. I like the long straps, it makes it easy to carry it across body, like a courier bag.”
      Andrew L from Elizabeth, SA, Australia
    • “. Just a warning. Carry anything quite heavy like a 15inch laptop or a large text book and the strap will stretch permanently. This is only good for light stuff like documents etc.”
      Andrew L from Elizabeth, SA, Australia
    • “awkward. Awkward shoulder strap.”
      Jason T from Cremorne, VIC, Australia
    • “A3 Bag. These have been very well reveiwed, thank you for your work.... Effecient, on time and great result!”
      Katie P from Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia
    • “. The a3 felt bag is an awesome looking bag, that fits right in with our corporate look here at work. It's the perfect size for documents, and looks professional when bringing it to meetings with clients. A great find!”
      Joseph C from Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • “Love it... Fits the laptop, my portfolio, notepad, iphone, a couple of books, my charger... It's huge! And simple... And looks fantastic. The balling up is a slight issue, even after using it a few times, but it hasn't got any worse over the last month of too... All of my designer friends have bag envy, i definitely recommend this and would gladly pay twice the price for one of these!”
      Daniel P from Pyrmont, NSW, Australia
    • “Nice & Simple. Nice and simple design, great product!”
      frank b from 00000, nsw, Australia
    • “Portfoli -Oh! pouch bag. I bought a few of these bags for family christmas presents so i haven't had a chance to use them or see them used, however this item will be useful, i'm sure. I do think the strap might be a tad too long, but i'll wait and see. Also, i was hoping the felt might be a bit heavier, but it's difficult to tell with online shopping. These were the only felt bags i could find that fitted the bill - i like them.”
      toby w from Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand
    • “love it. I love this bag it is great, fantastic design, innovative use of felt. I don't think the felt is bad quality, felt does ball up it is the nature of the material, but i havn't found mine to ball up too much anyway. Maybe some kind of velcro closing mechanism would be good as it opens up when you over pack it.”
      Laura Fountain L from , , Australia