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Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Red

The Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Red has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Red

  • External Dimensions 10.90 x 7.200 x 1.900 cm
  • Weight 0.05 kg
  • Material OTHER
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

A new concept coming from Sweden: The metallic wallet is completely replacing the 20th century leather wallet.

This wallet is extremely light and compact, perfect for pockets or handbags. It opens into a fan shape that allows you to pick what you need with just a glance - no more fiddling around with too-tight card slots. The aluminium shell looks really sleek and also means that your cards are protected from demagnetization.

Ogon wallets are presented in gift boxes and are the perfect present for card overloaded individuals.

  • Includes seven expandable pockets made from tear-proof PVC to fit around 15 cards
  • Water-resistant material that also protects cards from demagnetization
  • Striated/sleek finishing
  • Click-button closing
  • Gift-box presentation

Customer Reviews

  • “Aluminum Rushfaster 12 Car Holder. I think this item is great, it is very useful and organised. The only thing i would say is that he material that the holder part is made out of is quite slippery so if you accidentally open the card holder the wrong way the cards all just fly out. Maybe some kind of rubber grip might have been better.”
    Suzie C from Coromandel Valley, SA, Australia
  • “Card wallet. My wife loves it! Now our family has three!”
    Daniel M from Concord West, NSW, Australia
  • “Nice and Sleek. Great card wallet. Can be used to store cards, monies, coins!”
    Han Feng L from Carlton, VIC, Australia
  • “Gets heaps of comments. Everywhere i go and get out my ogon people comment. Arrived safely and swift, thanks 'rushfaster'.”
    rodney h from quorrobolong, NSW, Australia
  • “Fabulous. I really love this little red " devil", i know where all my cards are now.”
    Cheryl R from Berwick, VIC, Australia
  • “Fabulous! I am really enjoying my aluminum card wallet, i have a very demanding job working outdoors and am often climbing up and down machinery and using heavy equipment and it is great to know that my cards are safe inside the wallet. And don't worry it also gets many admiring coments form my friends and family! Cheers, pips.”
    Phillipa C from Mount Pleasant, WA, Australia
  • “Snazzy! This is a very snazzy little wallet and nice and compact. I'm a bit worried i will scratch it and ruin it's beautiful finish, but it would be a waste not to use something so lovely. The red is really a lovely deep ruby colour- not pinkish as it looks in these photo's.”
    Sarah A from Seaholme, VIC, Australia
  • “Great Product. The card holder doesn't hold 15 cards but still happy with the purchase.”
    Sylvia Y from Southbank, VIC, Australia
  • “. Thank you, i am very happy with this product. I am able to keep my cards in order.”
    Fay J from WOONONA, NSW, Australia
  • “love it. Love it. Groovy looking. Shuts securely. Protects cards and notes. Only thing is that it doesnt hold 'up to 15' of the hard credit cards. That would be referring to the thinner cards. So i got another one and the problem is solved.”
    Penny H from YALLINGUP, WA, Australia