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Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Lime

The Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Lime has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Lime

  • External Dimensions 11.00 x 7.500 x 1.800 cm
  • Weight 0.05 kg
  • Material OTHER
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

A new concept coming from Sweden: The metalic wallet is completly replacing the 20th century leather wallet. Nowadays we only need to carry with us some credit cards, business cards and some notes.

This very resistant wallet is thin, smooth and holds what you really need. The aluminum shell and black resin give the credit cards, with their magnetic stripes and data chips, excellent protection from electro-magnetic radiations.

  • Water-resistant material
  • Includes seven expandable pockets made of resistant PVC to fit up to 15 cards
  • Click-button closing
  • Striated/sleek finishing
  • Gift-box presentation

Customer Reviews

  • “Great Product. Fit perfectly. Things were packed in the original package. Highly recommended.”
    Andrew T from Revesby, NSW, Australia
  • “Quality. Excellent wallet that is a bit different and will be the next big thing. I hope!”
    Zachary P from Palmyra, WA, Australia
  • “Very Happy! I searched for this product because my credit and other plastic cards were always splitting in a conventional wallet. Its understandable, given you're sitting on them all the time in a flexible leather wallet. This solves that problem. The concertina file in this wallet is a good concept and is very nifty, but the concept does limit the amount of plastic you can pack. The wallet is thick enough to carry many more cards were it to have a more conventional 'filing' system. Notwithstanding this, i'm very happy with the purchase and would never think of reverting to a conventional leather wallet having used it.”
    Philip S from West End, QLD, Australia