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Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Gold

The Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Gold has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Ogon Designs Hard Case Card Wallet - Gold

  • External Dimensions 10.90 x 7.200 x 1.900 cm
  • Weight 0.05 kg
  • Material OTHER
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

A new concept coming from Sweden: The metallic wallet is completely replacing the 20th century leather wallet.

This wallet is extremely light and compact, perfect for pockets or handbags. It opens into a fan shape that allows you to pick what you need with just a glance - no more fiddling around with too-tight card slots. The aluminium shell looks really sleek and also means that your cards are protected from demagnetization.

Ogon wallets are presented in gift boxes and are the perfect present for card overloaded individuals.

  • Includes seven expandable pockets made from tear-proof PVC to fit around 15 cards
  • Water-resistant material that also protects cards from demagnetization
  • Striated/sleek finishing
  • Click-button closing
  • Gift-box presentation

Customer Reviews

  • “great! The wallet is great! I can store all my cards and cash inside and its not to big that it sticks out of your pocket... Really impressed that rushfaster let me return my other wallet and purchase this great piece of architecture. Everyone i meet who see me pull it out asks me where i got it! Thanks.”
    Rhett M from West Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • “Aluminium Card Wallet. Nice good looking & handy.”
    Vincent L from Launceston, TAS, Australia
  • “What Style!!! The best way to show your business cards!!!”
    Barry C from Ermington, NSW, Australia
  • “Very nice. I've just had mine replaced as the clasp broke after 6 months - probably had something to do with me stuffing it chock full. You can fit about 10-12 cards in here max if you double up some of the card sleeves. (i had about 15 in there) other than that, very sturdy, and definitely keeps your cards well protected. Rushfaster helped by getting in touch with the distributor and organising a replacement. Highly recommended, easily better than a leather card holder any day.”
    Stephen P from Epsom, VIC, Australia
  • “Multi function. Not only can it hold credit cards, it is great as a business card holder too! It is very practical and elegant, though i don't think you can put much cash in the front. Still, that doesn't detract from its form and function!”
    Vladimir R from Kogarah, NSW, Australia
  • “Fantastic Product. This card wallet makes it so much easier to find cards when using it. I get heaps of compliments from shop keepers and friends saying how nice it looks and how it looks great when you open it and all your cards are easy to find. Darren steele.”
    Darren S from Lithgow, NSW, Australia