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J.Fold Perforated 15" Laptop Bag - Ivory

The J.Fold Perforated 15" Laptop Bag - Ivory has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About J.Fold Perforated 15" Laptop Bag - Ivory

  • External Dimensions 44.00 x 33.00 x 8.000 cm
  • Weight 0.80 kg
  • Material Top Grain Leather
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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These 100 % leather laptop bags are the envy of New York City's students, London's urbanites and Sydney's young professionals. Anti boring and ultra cool these carry all Messenger bags ooze style and will give you years of pleasure as only leather can do.

  • Rugged ballistic nylon interior padding
  • Exterior zipped pocket for power pack and cables
  • Big Zips for reliability

Customer Reviews

  • “. Bag is perfect - in fact so perfect am now using it as a brief case as it's too cool for infrequent use as a laptop bag! Perfectly described and delivered unbelievably quickly. Many thanks.”
    Barbara M from Subiaco, WA, Australia
  • “Good Bag. The bag is more ivory than what i was expecting - i thought it would be whiter/brighter. It is much bigger than the pictures make it look - almost too big for a unibody macbook pro 15" - which means there is heaps of room for accessories etc. Problem being that there aren't enough pockets for accessories - so my power pack, mouse and a few other things just sit loose on top of my laptop. The zip on the inside top of the bag could scratch your laptop. I have a sleeve that my laptop goes in inside the bag, which avoids this problem (yes, there is enough room to have a sleeve inside it, plus books, mouse etc - really big). You will most likely need a sleeve for this bag to ensure your laptop doesn't slide around, and avoid scratches. The inside big pocket (for magazines/books) is very loose - if you open the bag right up on a flat surface the stuff will most likely slide out the top (there is no fastener - no zip, velcro or elastic). The biggest positive for this bag is that it is stylish - i haven't seen any one else with anything like this bag and it doesn't even look like a laptop bag. Positives: stylish negatives: expensive, lack of extra pockets, over-sized.”
    Damian J from Reedy Creek, QLD, Australia
  • “. The bag is even better in real life than n the pictures. Nice one.”
    Panai S from Windsor, VIC, Australia