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J.Fold Havana Wallet - Black Diamond, Red Interior

The J.Fold Havana Wallet - Black Diamond, Red Interior has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About J.Fold Havana Wallet - Black Diamond, Red Interior

  • External Dimensions 10.90 x 8.300 x 0.500 cm
  • Weight 0.20 kg
  • Material Top Grain Leather
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

J.FOLD™ Sportswallets™ make excellent gifts.

J.FOLD Sportswallets stand out from a sea of boring black rectangles. They're designed to be slim and simple on the inside with no bulky coin compartments (those things go in your jeans don't you know?). While they're simple on the inside, they really catch your eye from the outside with colourful designs unmatched by any other wallet brand. Neatly presented in J.FOLD gift packaging, there's nothing else on the market quite like a J.FOLD Sportswallet, and that's why we think you should get a J.FOLD!

  • 1 microfibre lined note compartment
  • 8 microfibre lined card slots for solid grip
  • 2 interior compartments (behind card slots)
  • Highly flexible racing wheel leather
  • Comes in J.FOLD™ gift packaging

Customer Reviews

  • “Wallet. Absolutely fab - for a christmas present but it is looking exactly like the one he wanted. Thanks again for a super service.”
    Sara F from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • “Money Pit. It's all purdy and super race car fast. The fact that the price dropped about 2 days after i bought it has taken the shine off the overall experience, but can't fault the wallet... Now if only the moolah would stay in it!”
    Peter J from Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia
  • “Great wallet. Great all round wallet and the red is a cool eye catcher. Love it!”
    Chris K from Wanneroo, WA, Australia
  • “another j fold success. Fast delivery. Great quality as you expect from jfold. Would recommend. I love the contrast between the black and red colours.”
    Brett D from Potts Point, NSW, Australia
  • “Cool and functional. This wallet is slimline to prevent pocket bulge as well as cool to look at. I've had lots of comments in admiration from friends. It's great because its a bit different.”
    Nicole S from Paramatta, NSW, Australia
  • “He loved it! ”
    Emily-Jane S from Albert Park, VIC, Australia
  • “Where did you get that!? After recently upgrading my battered 3 year old wallet to my schmick new j-fold havana i just couldn't be happier. I have had friends and work colleagues alike comment on the unusual red interior and smooth diamond embossed outer finish. It's an eye opener all round and what's more it's slimline design means it still fits easily into my pocket when i've jammed it full of cards & notes. So when i'm asked, "where did you get that!? ", i reluctantly reply, "i got it at rushslower. Com. Au. " after all, i don't want to wake up tomorrow & find my wallet everywhere else now do i? Thanks for the great wallet and simply super service! I'll be visiting again soon. Cheers, dan.”
    Daniel C from SYDNEY, NSW, Australia
  • “Quality product and service. Product as expected. Payment and shipping was prompt and smooth.”
    Nik Ahmad Akmal N from Bruswick, VIC, Australia
  • “Good looking! Good looking wallet, should have a small zipper for loose change, but overall very nice.”
    Rob T from Glenmore Park, NSW, Australia
  • “Great Service! I received my wallet on the same day i ordered it. Fantastic!!!”
    Lina A from Georges Hall, NSW, Australia